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Press Brakes

Here at JPS Machinery Ltd we are renowned throughout the industry for the wide range of high-quality industrial press brake machines we offer. We constantly ensure that we’re offering an extensive range of industrial press brake machines, Hydraulic, CNC controls with 3 to 8 axis options, for fast precision forming, folding and bending applications.

Our extensive range allows us to offer a press brake with a suitable specification for any metal forming requirement.

What are you waiting for? If you’re searching for the optimum specification press brake for your business, do not hesitate to browse our comprehensive range below!

Brake Press Machinery from JPS

Press brake machines are designed for the bending / folding of sheet and plate material. A press brake produces the required bend by clamping the work piece between a lower V die & top punch [its known as air bending]

Meeting the growing needs of companies across the UK, our press brake range is now greater than ever before. Precision bending machines repeat accuracy of 0.01mm with options for 3, 4 and 8 axis, several CNC control options, graphical or non-graphical, many production enhancing options.

Not only this, but as with all of the machinery options within our metalworking machinery categories, all of the press brake machines available at JPS Machinery Ltd come with delivery, off loading, site positioning, ‘machine function’ operator training, ongoing technical support warranty,  fully supported by our service team, possibly the largest independent service team in the UK