Sheet Metal Cutting Guillotine

Available capacities:

Material thickness: 0.5 mm to 3.2 mm – Carbon Steel 42Kg/mm²
Metal sheets cut length: 1300 mm to 3050 mm

Standard Specification

  • Direct Drive [DD] – motor only runs when foot switch is depressed
  • Adjustable guillotine blade gap
  • Full length fixed mechanical operator finger guard
  • Mechanical material hold down, a castellated beam with plastic inserts to avoid material marking
  • Powered back gauge 650 mm stroke, [ buttress thread with brass nut ]
    ESTUN E 21  DRO 'Go To' digital readout, back gauge length setting
  • Rear chute for the cut material
  • 1000 mm LH squaring arm, with measure strip and flip over stop
  • 600 mm simple front support arms, without measure strip, or flip up stops
  • Wandering foot pedestal, fitted with emergency stop button
  • Rear entry guarding, with  electronic optical sensors
  • Double safety circuit, with a  ‘safe work relay’ ensuring that at machine start up’s the integrity of the dual safety circuit is checked
  • Operator & electrical manuals
  • CE Certificate

Sheet metal cutting guillotine, TECHNA FAB Model QH11D a perfect solution for rapid, accurate, cutting of sheet materials up to 3.2 mm thick steel sheet material

Fully supported by JPS Machinery Ltd Service Team

Sheet Metal Cutting Guillotine 

Sheet metal cutting guillotine, mechanical DD direct drive
metal cutting guillotine for the cutting of sheet steel
for sheet metalworking workshops

Powered back gauge 650 mm stroke with DRO | squaring & support arms |  rear cut material chute | pneumatic sheet support 'option'


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