Guillotine Blades
Guillotine Blades

Guillotine Blades

Replacement Metal Cutting Guillotine Blades

JPS Machinery Ltd have built up a comprehensive library of guillotine cutting blade drawings 
for many guillotine manufacturers,
such as:

Pearson, Edwards Pearson, Amada, LVD, Safan, Durmazlar, Ermaksan, Baykal, Morgan Rushworth, Rico, 
Elga, Rhodes Hydraversal, Beyeler, Simeron, Keetona, Haco, Kingsland, Jordi, Vicla Triumph Pratt, 
assorted Chinese manufacturers


JPS Machinery Ltd can offer replacement guillotine blades, 
supply only, or a member of our service team can remove your existing guillotine blades & replace them with your new set of guillotine blades
We additionally offer a re-grind service for your blunt guillotine steel cutting blades

Call our service team co-ordinators for a quote, 
ask for Kev or Matt: 0113 2363366

Replacement Guillotine Blades

General Carbon Steel such as BS EN 10025:1993 – S275 Cutting  up to 15 mm material thickness,
then we recommend your metal cutting guillotine blades are manufactured from Grade D2 material,
hardened and tempered to 57/58 Rockweld,  to give the guillotine blades an abrasion resistance, 
which gives increased periods between regrinds.


D2 quality (1.2379) – For cutting up to 15 mm material thickness
Melt Composition: C 1.4/1.6, Si 0.6, Mn 0.6, Cr 11.5/12.5, Mo 0.7/1.2, V 0.25/1.0


Please Note* Because of the hardness of 57/58 Rockweld, if you then cut stainless steel, or durbar, 
or any 'high tensile@ strength steel with these Grade D2 guillotine blades, you are risking  the chipping 
of the guillotine blades. Durbar is a particular problem, as its original melt is not closely controlled , 
thus it often has within it none melted inclusions like 'high tensile' bolts.


Stainless Steel Cutting

Stainless steel has a higher tensile strength than the carbon steel BS EN 10025:1993 – S275, 
it is this increased tensile strength with Stainless Steel that creates the problem of blade chipping,
In an attempt  to reduce the  guillotine blade chipping, whilst cutting Stainless Steel, then a lower hardened
and tempered figure of  55/56 Rockwell is used, however, abrasion resistance is sacrificed, these guillotine blades will require frequent re-sharpening


High Tensile Steel - Heavy Duty Cutting

For the cutting of  'high tensile' carbon steels, stainless steel, durbar, material's of above 15 mm thickness, 
then we recommend your metal cutting guillotine blades are manufactured from ‘Grade 2631 
'shock-resistant steel’ hardened and tempered to 57/58 Rockwell [ known as 'chipper' quality ]


Shock resisting 1.2767 quality – for cutting above 15 mm material thickness
Melt Composition: C0.45, Si 0.25, Mn 0.35, Cr 1.4, Mo 0.2, Ni 4.0


Please Note* These shock-resistant metal cutting guillotine blades have a downside, this being that this grade of steel quickly loses its crisp sharpness, therefore whilst your metal cutting guillotines cutting capacity range indicates that you can go down to 22swg or 18swg etc, the lack of a good crisp sharp edge may prove to make the guillotine not suitable for cutting of such thinner materials.


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