MVD iShear B Series  Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine
MVD iShear B Series  Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine
MVD iShear B Series  Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine
MVD iShear B Series  Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine

MVD iShear B Series Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine

MVD iShear B Series - Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine

The Fabrication shop & Steel Stockholder workhorse,  Hydraulic Swing Beam Metal Cutting Guillotine 
with a fixed RAKE angle, powered back gauge with 1000 mm stroke - ELGO P40T Control

Manufactured in Turkey by MVD Inan - Over 130 Guillotines manufactured each year

Hydraulic Swing Beam Metal Cutting Guillotine

Standard Specification

• Swing Beam action, – Fixed top blade ‘Rake’ cutting angle, varies with cut thickness
• Guillotine Blades suitable for Carbon and Stainless Steel 2 cutting edges top blade – 4 cutting edges bottom blade
• ELGO P40 T ‘Touch Screen’ control unit, mounted into a hanging swivel control panel
• 1000 mm motorised back gauge, with hardened ball screws, linear guides [ Accuracy + or – 0.1 mm ]
• Swing up back gauge function for cuts greater than 1000 mm
• Automatic retraction of the back gauge at the commencement of the cut
• Dual stroke speed – selector for selection of strokes per min
• 250mm Throat
• Front finger protection, with clear viewing panels along its length, 1st 1000 mm ‘lift’ section
• Frontal ‘down lighting’ for cutting area – with shadow cutting line
• The material ‘hydraulic‘ hold down jacks’ are fitted with Teflon tips to avoid material marking Operators'
• Front table infill plates fitted with roller balls for easy material positioning
• 1000 mm LH mounted squaring arm, with measure scale, flip-up stops
• 1000 mm front material support arms, with measure scale, flip-up stops
• Blade gap mechanism – easy regulation, handle, pointer, scale, positioned on side of guillotine
• Rear of guillotine, cut material chute
• ‘Rear’ of machine operator entry protection – photoelectric barriers
• Foot pedal – Continuous cut, or cycle-by-cycle cut
• HOERBIGER hydraulic block
• SCHNEIDER electrical components
• MVD Inan standard warranty  24 months parts & labour supported by JPS Machinery Ltd service team
• Operators instruction manual
• CE certificate

Who are MVD ?, click on this link to find out

Machine TypeCutting CapacityCutting LengthCutting AngleHold Down CylindersCutting Speed / Fast ModeDistance Between ColumnsTable HeightTable WidthThroat DepthBackguage Travel – X AxisMachine DimensionsOil Tank CapacityMotor PowerWeight
450 N/mm²700 N/mm²ADegree (°)QtyhpmBCDEmmLength x Width x Height
(F x G x H)

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