Our service team routinely service and repair metalworking machinery such as:

  • Metal Cutting Guillotines - Hydraulic press brakes
  • NC press brakes, Small press brakes Electric press brakes
  • CNC Plasma cutting machines, Fiber Laser cutting machines
  • CNC Punching machines servo electric - Hydraulic corner notchers
  • Mandrel & Rotary Tube Bending - Universal Steelworkers
  • Horizontal band saws - Hydraulic presses
  • Sheet & Plate Rolling - Section rolling
  • Powered Folders - Box & pan folders
  • Welding & positional equipment, Box & pan folders

Here is a small glimpse of typical repair work:

  • Start up, no power, no display
  • We are experienced with many CNC & NC control systems, such as: Cybelec, Delem, Eurogauge, Elgo, Esa, we can diagnose faults and effect repairs usually involves removal of CNC unit to allow diagnostic testing on our equipment 
  • We are regularly asked to re calibrate one or more axis for a CNC metal working machine
  • Axis drive problem, repair or replace axis drive cards
  • CNC metal working machine lost operating parameters, due to operator error or back up battery failure
  • Axis drive belt snaps, locate and fit replacement, then re calibrate the affected axis
  • Tooling clash, requiring re setting of all axis & parameters
  • Reset Press brake tooling to obtain a consistent bend angle, along tooling length, which involves resetting crown / camber of the top tooling
  • Operator safety systems | Infra red front or Laser operator guard faults, electronic rear entry guarding,
    infrared perimeter barriers | We are recognized SICK infra red guard installer
  • Re-gas a metal cutting guillotine return springs - gas return spring
  • Replacement or refurbish machine screws and nuts, acme thread or ball screws 
  • Leaking hydraulic cylinder - fit new seals
  • Guillotine backgauge out of line, re set & calibrate
  • Chipped or blunt guillotine blades - turn guillotine blades