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Metal Cutting Guillotine


The RICO HGR  hydraulic metal cutting guillotine is a 'high performance' hydraulic vertical action metal cutting guillotine, with adjustable  'variable rake' to reduce the Helix of the cut material. 

The vertical cutting action, variable cutting 'rake' angle, HGR hydraulic metal cutting guillotine is the most effective and accurate system of metal sheet and plate cutting, when it  is compared to alternative guillotine cutting

The RICO HGR  metal cutting guillotine is suitable for demanding levels of productivity, precision, operator safety,
cutting capacities range from:-
 4 mm to 40 mm of thickness |  1200 mm to 8000 mm of cut length

  • The RICO HGR has a unique top cutting beam support system, that guarantees distribution of metal cutting force along the entire length of the top beam, which results in a smooth and vibration free flat longitudinal cut
  • Adjustable 'rake angle'  to suit  the material's tensile strength,  thickness, reduce the helix of the cut.
    something that is not possible with a Swing Beam fixed 'rake' angle cutting guillotine

RICO HGR Guillotine has a mono block fully welded frame construction, calculated  to achieve 
minimal structural deflection during a metal cutting cycle, giving a smooth vibration free cut
 RICO uses only high-quality certified steels in the HGR guillotine structure. 

RICO HGR Guillotines offer a choice of specification that makes all the difference


'Standard' RICO HGR Guillotine - Technical Specification

Cut thickness capacities are calculated with material tensile 420N/mm2
Cut thickness & cut length are model dependant 

  • Cutting Thickness: 4 mm | 6 mm | 8 mm | 10 mm | 13 mm | 16 mm | 20 mm | 25 mm | 30 mm | 35 mm | 40 mm
  • Cut Lengths: 1250 mm | 1550 mm | 2550 mm | 3050 mm | 4050 mm | 6050 mm
  • Throat depth 135 mm to 215 mm (dependant on model)
  • Rake Angle  1.5°/0.7° to 4°/2.5° (dependant on model) 
  • RAE back gauge retraction - backgauge retracts at commencement of a cutting cycle
  • Material hold down jacks
  • Standard Machine & Back Gauge Controller ELGO P40
  • Hanging Swivel Machine Control
  • Front table with roller balls
  • Front Supports - (1) 1000 mm Squaring Arm | (1) 1000 mm Single Arm
  • LED cutting area light, with shadow Line
  • Fixed operator finger guard with view panels (lift up 1000 mm section)
  • Rear Entry Safety Barriers (Level IV)
  • All RICO machines have an integrated 'StandBy' function, which automatically
    stops the machines motor after 5 mins if inactivity

Extra 'Options' 

  • BGA Back Gauge in Lieu of the standard BGS back gauge | offering high speed positioning of 250 mm/sec
  • Choice of Back Gauge controller ELGO P40T | DELEM DAC 360T | Cybtouch 8G
  • Rear sheet support & cut material extraction | MAC1 | MAC2 | MAC 3 | MAC X
  • Full Length Lift up operator finger guard with view panels
  • Front feeder system - Allows the cutting of large sheets where a back gauge stroke of 1000 mm
    is not sufficient for your cutting requirements
  • Anti Twist - Flat Cutting, a hydraulic system which exerts force onto the sheet to be cut
    stopping the helix of the cut piece 
  • RTS - Return to sender - allows the cut material to return directly to the operator 
  • FSE small cut pieces extraction pull out  draw
  • Frontal sheet cut material extraction


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