One off call out or annual contracts
To obtain continued satisfactory production from any metalworking machinery regular scheduled servicing is a must
when equipment is serviced regularly, it brings many benefits:

  • Machine downtime due to an unexpected breakdown is reduced

  • Possible reduction in usage of expensive consumables, machine incorrect operation remedied

  • Machinery lifespan is increased

  • Safety Check - We will notify the company of any issues of concerning Health & Safety

Aside from ensuring that your equipment is operating at peak performance, an additional benefit of using JPS
Machinery Ltd.'s team of engineers to maintain and service your equipment, is that the service engineers will also check
for any potential future problem areas and report them back to you, before they cause disruption to production and
become a costly issue.
Service - a One off service - Annual - Bi Annual
Tailored to suit your companies particular requirements
If you want to our service team to attend your workshop, you can download our call out paperwork, simply click on
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