360 view of RICO PRCN-C Line CNC Hydraulic Synchronised Press Brake

RICO PRCN-C Line CNC Hydraulic Synchronised Press Brake

Heavy Duty Press Brake

The RICO PRCN C line, CNC Hydraulic Synchronized Press Brake, is the RICO range of 'Heavy Duty'
Synchronised Hydraulic Multi Axis Press Brakes, with a 'standard tonnage range of 250 tons to 500 tons,
for heavier fabrication plate bending requirements.

RICO Brake Press structures are calculated  to achieve minimal structural deflection during a metal bending cycle.
RICO uses only high-quality certified steels in a Press Brake structure to achieve minimal structural deflection.



'Standard' RICO C Line Press Brake - Technical Specification 

  • Tonnage capacities 250 tons | 300 tons | 400 tons | 450 tons | 500 tons
  • Bend Lengths 3100 mm | 3600 mm | 4100 mm
  • Throat depth 410 mm
  • Daylight 570 / 620 mm  (no tooling fitted)
  • Beam Stroke 350 mm
  • Standard 4 Automatic Axis [Y1+Y2+X+R] 
  • BGR Back gauge -  Precise, robust box section
  • Standard Controller DELEM DA-66T
  • Hanging Swivel Machine Control 
  • Front Supports - SFS Sliding 
  • Frontal Operator Safety AKAS II-F
  • Rear Entry Safety Barriers (Level IV)
  • Promecam Style Top & Bottom tool clamping (Euro Style)
  • Off Line Software - Profile TL
  • All RICO machines have an integrated 'StandBy' function, which automatically
    stops the machines motor after 5 mins if inactivity

Extra 'Options' 

  • BGR - Additional Back Gauge Axis [ Z1+Z2+X5]
  • ECO Boost - Increases the beam return speed
  • LED tool Locator, assists the operator position parts in complex bending programs
  • BGA Back Gauge 5 Automatic Axis X+R+Z1+Z2+X5
  • BTM  Back Gauge 6 Automatic Axis X1+X2+R1+R2+Z1+Z2
  • BTL  Back Gauge 6 Automatic Axis X1+X2+R1+R2+Z1+Z2
  • 3D CNC Graphic controls
  • Material Follower Supports ACFL | ACFA | ACF1 | ACF2
  • Manual Quick Clamping | Pneumatic | Hydraulic clamping systems
  • Tandem or Tridem capacities - 800 tons x 12000 Bend length


RICO PRCN H Beam Unique Structure

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