February 2024


Tue 13th Feb, 2024

To our valued customers.

We hope this NEWS Letter finds you all well.

Over the years, our RICO and MVD Hydraulic & Electric Press Brakes have become common place in the metalworking workshops of the UK, thanks to our customers trust and support. 
Both RICO and MVD are renowned for their advanced technology, reliability,  outstanding performance, 
these machines have been a part of multiple workshops, helping to achieve precision in metal bending 
tasks with ease.

RICO Press Brakes, manufactured with with care & precision in Portugal, have continued to serve our customers needs with their advanced technology, construction, operator safety features, and precision bending .
The wide selection of hydraulic and electric models in the RICO range ensures that whatever a companies manufacturing demands are, RICO have the knowledge & experience to offer a solution , Press Brakes designed to meet many varied industrial requirements, efficiently.

Similarly, the MVD Press Brakes, manufactured by one of Turkey's leading metalworking machinery manufacturers, have proven their worth by offering both safety and precision, wrapped in a user-friendly package. Whether you've chosen hydraulic or electric, the MVD range has been designed to keep your operations smooth and productive.

We understand the importance of not only assisting in the selection of the correct Press Brake, your purchase of the Press Brake, but the importance of technical support throughout a Press Brakes lifecycle, that's why our In-House technical support team is always ready to assist JPS Machinery Ltd customers. 

JPS Machinery Ltd offer annual or bi annual routine maintenance,  repairs, breakdown, Press Brake tooling packages even upgrades to the CNC Controller, our commitment is to ensure your machinery continues to operate at its best, providing reliable after-sales support that you can count on.

Our dedication to ongoing customer support and satisfaction remains a core ideology of our business, building lasting relationships based on quality, trust, and exceptional service is something we deeply value. Your feedback and success stories fuel our drive to improve and bring you the best in metalworking solutions.

As we continue to market the RICO and MVD Press Brake ranges, we're also looking towards the future, committed to giving feedback to RICO and MVD to assist them with innovation, developing new models that will keep setting metalworking industry standards. Our aim is always not simply offer just Press Brakes, but manufacturing solutions that enhance  efficiency and success in the metalworking field.

We're proud to have the RICO and MVD Press Brakes as part of our companies products,  even prouder that they've been a part of our customers success. Thank you for your continued trust in JPS Machinery Ltd, Here's to many more years of successful projects and partnership.

Warmest regards,

The team at JPS Machinery Ltd