The Sucorema Group is the synergy of two companies, Sucorema and Tefagesu, manufacturers of machines for industry of the steel sheet. Founded in 1986, Sucorema early revealed itself as an innovative company in the domestic market, and throughout this period, combines excellent service to an inexhaustible capacity to want to do more and better.

Today, with almost three decades of experience in the design and production of machines, tools and systems, we present a range of solutions for the manipulation of sheet steel and other materials. Its products, marketed under the Stefa brand, they are distinguished by high durability and low maintenance costs, and the superior accuracy and profitability to running complex jobs, it fits into the production of the future industrial environment and technology work of sheet steel.

This constant focus on research and development, outfitted the Sucorema a multifaceted capacity in its production, with all integrated manufacturing departments in its facilities, allowing flexibility and speed in its production system. Your human value, key part in the company’s values, it ensures that we provide added value to its suppliers, partners and customers, making it an integrated organization on the principles of work, prosperity and welfare of the general society.