Metal Working Machinery:
Press Brake Hydraulic Synchronized, Metal Cutting Guillotine, Plate Bending Rolls, Section Bending Rolls, Plasma Cutting, Fibre Laser Cutting, Hydraulic Press, CNC Punching, Corner Notching, Universal Steelworker, Horizontal Bandsaws Automated Welding Systems, Robot Automated Systems

Metal Working Machinery

Purchased with the knowledge of ongoing support from our specialist 
service team, both new & used machinery

Supply of New and Used metalworking machinery:

A service team,available for the off loading, positioning, installation, commissioning, operator ‘machine function training’, of any machinery supplied, plus cover of the manufacturers, or JPS Machinery Ltd warranty, annual maintenance requirements. 

This level of support is also available companies who purchase independently, i.e. from private sales, auctions, e bay, or other metal working machinery dealers 

Please browse through our website, if you know exactly what you require then just give us a call on 0113 2363366

Metal Working Machinery

Metal working machinery [used] is generally generated as a result of part exchange(s) when we have supplied new metal working machinery.

Used stock of metal working machinery is generally held at our Leeds workshop, occasionally it is offered directly from site. 

Dependant upon the agreed terms of purchase, a warranty period can be offered with used metal working machinery, fully supported by our service team.

Metal working machinery [ new] is sourced from manufacturers in Europe, typically Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany plus some machinery from Turkey, China, always from established and trusted manufacturers, then we can ensure that we have access to, ongoing technical support, replacement parts.

Metal Working Machinery


We have possibly the largest service team of any UK metal working machinery dealer, in the UK [currently our service team is 7 strong & expanding] our service team is available to give ongoing technical support service,repair, breakdown,spare parts.

Need a service engineer for metal working machinery

then JPS Machinery Ltd’s technical support and service team are available to assist you with the following:

Service, repair, breakdown, spare parts for all metal working machinery, fabrication, welding and positioning equipment.  We offer annual service contracts, safety checks, operator training ‘machine function training’.

Factory relocation, machine loading, transport, off loading,  re installation, commissioning, or individual machinery moved within your factory,  then re-commissioned.

Operator ‘machine function training’: an employee requires a refresher, or a new employee needs assistance, so we offer operator ‘machine function training’.

Repairs to, or the replacement of operator guarding, ‘Infra Red’ or ‘Laser’, Annual safety checks. Software programming: CYBELEC, DELEM, ESA, EURO GAUGE,  etc.

We are fully insured with policies to cover for:
Marine insurance, re freight shipments.
Machinery movement within workshops.
Public liability.

All of the above technical support services are available for sheet metal working machinery, fabrication equipment, welding & positional equipment, machine tools, supplied or not by JPS Machinery Ltd.

Metal Working Machinery


Press Brake Tooling , Quick release clamping systems, Replacement Guillotine Blades, Replacement CNC Controls i.e CYBELEC, DELEM,ESA, EUROGAUGE, Operator Guarding Laser or Infra Red, Operators Manuals

JPS Machinery Ltd’s technical support team are available to assist you with the following:

  • Press brake tooling Quality Italian Tooling’
  • Replacement CNC controls: CYBELEC, DELEM, ESA, EURO GAUGE, ROBOSOFT, etc.
  • Operator guarding, ‘infra red’ or ‘laser beam’ systems, metal working machinery surround fencing
  • Replacement cutting / shearing blades for a guillotine, corner notcher, steelworker, corner notcher
  • Machinery spare parts, we have access to many drawings for older UK & European built machines