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MEMOLI ETM 76 Steel Tube Bender

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Steel Tube Bender

Model MEMOLI ETM 76 

Steel tube bender rotary draw,
tubes, pipes, sections & round bars


  • Minimum CLR bending radius
    2Ø of the tube
  • Round tube:76mm x wall
  • Hydraulic steel pipe:70 mm x 5 wall 
  • General aluminium tube:76mm x 6 wall 
  • Square box:40mm x 40 4 wall
  • Solid round bar:35mm

  • Entirely made of steel
  • Precise 
  • Sturdy
  • Fast 
  • Allows up to 40 different programs.

Product Specification


Manufactured in ITALY by MEMOLI

Rotary draw tubes, pipes, sections & round bars

  • Strong steel structure, precise and fast action bending
  • Micro processor for angle control
  • Minimum CLR bending radius
    3Ø of the tube
  • Round tube:76mm x 3 wall
  • Hydraulic steel pipe:76 mm x 5 wall
  • General aluminium tube:76mm x 6 mm wall
  • Square box:50mm x 50 x 5 wall
  • Solid round bar:45mm
  • Maximum bend angle:180º
  • Max bending speed:3 revolutions per minute
  • One set formers
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Warranty 2 years parts & labour

Motor:3Kw 380v 50Hz (240v option)
Net weight:260kg

Optional Equipment


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