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he EURO Series 65 is a 1 axis (Y) tube for bending stainless steel, iron, copper or brass tubes or tubes in other special alloys up to 65 mm in diameter. The Euro Series 65 model features automatic bending and manual advancement and rotation.

The following are fitted as standard:
– heat exchanger;
– early mandrel extraction;
– automatic mandrel lubrication.

Product Specification

Y Max. bending speed °/1″ 80
Y Tolerance +/- ° 0.1
Weight +/- Kg 4200

Round tube R=42 Kg/mm² mm 65×4
Round stainless steel tube mm 60×3
Round tube Alum. Brass Copper Alloys mm 65×5
Square tube R=42 Kg/mm² mm 50x50x2
Rect. tube bent easy way mm 30x60x2
Rect. tube bent hard way mm 60x55x2
Round bar R=42 Kg/mm² mm 35
Square solid R=42 Kg/mm² mm 30×30
Min. R.I. with normal axle mm ≥45
Min R.I. special mm ≤45
Max. R.M. with rolls mm 340
Mandrel extraction stroke mm 80
Max bending angle ° 195
Working length mm 3600
Machine extensions mm 1560

Optional Equipment


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