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The Stefa folding machine is a specialist machine created to fold large sheets of thin steel that can cover lengths ranging from 4m up to 12m. It works by clamping the sheet steel and makes a bending rotation through a bending beam tool.


The folder uses the concept of folding material from a tool called the bending beam which produces a rotation against the material that is clamped by the camping beam. This type of strategy allows for working on delicate surfaces without damaging the product, as is the case with thinner ( between 0.5 to 0.8mm), coated and lacquered plates. Nevertheless, Stefa VH models, depending on the arms number, can work with thicker thicknesses, up to 3mm.

Why Choose This Machine

  • Great price size ratio for big lengths
  • Rotational Bending Beam 
  • Ideal to produce many profiles in small batches
  • Works on delicate surfaces with scratching or damaging
  • Perfect for thinner materials between 0.5 to 0.8mm  
  • Covers lengths ranging from 4m up to 12m
  • Occupies a reduced space in its depth allowing a saving of area and height, compared to press brakes.
  • No need to pre-set tools
  • Non-use of tools avoids maintenance costs
  • Perform rounds, hems, ‘tear drop’ hem or open hem
  • Can achieve a depth of work up to 1070mm 
  • Very easy to program and operate

Product Specification

Potential customers that can look for a folding machine stefa VH:

  • Metallic structures
  • Construction builders
  • Roof, Gutters and profile makers
  • New steel sheet manufacturing workshops
  • Workshops with old folding machines and need to replace or new needs (like increase length)

Folding up to 145 degrees

With the articulations of the Stefa folding machine you get a
bigger increase in the bending, who allows a more closed angle.
The articulation system has been redesigned to have a perfect
radius movement. The robustness of the articulations is always
the same regardless of the material thickness, so a 1.5mm Fol-
ding machine model will have the same 3mm model, only chan-
ge their quantity.


The sheet incorporated in the machine was developed to
withstand any stress inflicted on the cut, regardless of the
type of material, up to 3mm thick. The adjustment of the
gap between the circular blades is made by a simple lever

Optional Equipment

  • Elite bender CNC graphical controller
  • Servo motor on Backgauge
  • Pressure sensor
  • Automatic radius
  • Safety lazer
  • Conical backgauge

Standard Equipment:

  • Brushless motor for backgauge with encoder
  • Simple tough controller (standard)
  • Pedal double switch
  • “Anti-panic” rope
  • Safety velocity 10mms





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