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Spare Parts

When a member of our service team attends your workshop for a repair, service, or a breakdown, its often the case that the service engineer will have to locate spare parts, some parts may be obtained directly from a local company, some parts may have to be ordered direct from the
original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or via the UK appointed agent.

We are noticing that many original equipment suppliers (OEM) are no longer supplying spares for machines that are 10 years old and beyond, therefore location of spare parts mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, software / hardware for CNC systems can be a a difficult & time consuming.

We mention this simply to explain that with older machines, spare parts location may be a problem, with our service teams collective knowledge going back to the 80’s, then if we cannot locate parts, or work out how to get around the problem without original parts, then we think that no one can !!


Collectively our service team has extensive knowledge of the majority of  metal working machinery manufacturers, or their appointed agents so location of required spare parts 95% of the time is not a major problem