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Hydraulic Press / Model PDL

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Model PDL

Press for simple bending & folding, bracket work.

Press Capacity: 20 to 140 tonne

Daylight under hydraulic cylinder 900mm to 950mm
Hydraulic cylinder stroke 500mm

  • Equipment can be supplied and installed around the world
    safely & securely
  • UK based service team
  • Servicing and support available
  • Supported by the manufacturer
  • Bending punch and “v” prisma
  • Movable support with 2 lateral slides
  • Bending works

Product Specification

  • A hydraulic press with a generous sized frame options.
    for manufacture of brackets, steel sheet folding, offering a simple solution for bending, folding of simple brackets
  • Guides for hydraulic cylinders
  • 900mm to 2000mm between side frames
  • 835mm to 1500mm Length of top & bottom press tooling
  • 200mm to 250mm daylight between tooling
  • Clamping system for upper knife tooling
  • Lower bed to mount ‘V’ tooling
  • Semi automatic control with foot pedal operation, ramp & roller operated limit switches for setting the stroke length
  • Approach speed 9mm/sec to 10mm/sec [dependant upon model ]
  • Pressing speed   mm/sec to mm/sec  [dependant upon model ]
  • CE compliance

Optional Equipment

  • Operator guarding systems – where hydraulic operating cylinder working speed exceeds mm/sec
    the hydraulic press requires guarding, with mechanical or infra red electronic guards
  • Bespoke modification to a standard machine frame sizes
  • Digital [Siemans] display for setting dimensions
  • Lock off valves for extended pressure hold cycles
  • Pressure switch to control max used pressure



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