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Annual Service Contracts

A service contract is designed to suit the user’s particular requirements.

Service contracts are ‘labour only’ contracts, consumable items, i.e oil, filters, hydraulic oil, any mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic etc replacement parts are charged extra. [a discount is offered on parts for service contract customers]

Service contracts offered are annual or bi annual, they range from a typically  standard 8 hour day x 5 day a week, or users who may be running their equipment around the clock 24/7, the frequency of any servicing schedule would be assessed and advised accordingly.

Benefits of our Annual Service Contracts:


  • Priority service team call outwe place your company at the top of our call out list
  • Telephone assistance, we might get you going over the phone without delay
  • 10% Discount on our hourly charge rates for call out work
  • 5% Discount on replacement parts – Excluding Hydraulic Oil & Filters
  • Safety Check Our service our engineers will submit to you a report sheet, within this report sheet the service engineer will bring to your companies attention any safety issues that our service engineers are concerned about and they are of the opinion that action is required.

Service – Once trust and satisfaction with JPS Machinery Ltd level of competence and knowledge of the metalworking machinery is established, then generally our customers can see the benefits of taking out one of our annual maintenance contacts for their machinery, often extending annual maintenance cover for all equipment within their workshop, or within their group of companies.

Example of a problem created by lack of a service schedule :

Clogged filter disintegrates under hydraulic oil pressure

When equipment uses hydraulic power for machine functions,  the equipment manufacturer will within the operators manual state that the hydraulic oil and filters must be changed at a given frequency, ie every 12 months, 2000 hours etc.

Why is this important for the ongoing life of the equipment ?
The answer(s) are straightforward:

Hydraulic tanks are not sealed units they are ‘aspirated’, therefore they suck in air. This sucked in air will be contaminated by air born particles of workshop dust, i.e. disintegrated grinding discs, grit blown in from the yard etc. As the hydraulic system sucks in this contaminated air the filters in the system will absorb it, but only to a limited degree.  Once a filter becomes clogged, the pressure of oil trying to pass through it will create damage to the filter fabric,  then holes appear, the contaminated hydraulic oil then passes through into the valving system,  you start having valving problems, valving failure etc, very expensive valving problems, some modern valves can cost up to £4000.

See the picture:This filter was removed from a hydraulic press brake, it had disintegrated due to clogging and build up of hydraulic pressure. 2 electronic valves were contaminated with the sucked in air debris, plus bits from the filter, the damaged valves were replaced at a cost in excess of £6,000.00

We recommend that :

  • Filters are changed annually.
  • Hydraulic oil is changed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations, i.e. every 4000 hours.As a minimum requirement, we recommend that the machines hydraulic oil is pumped out annually
    passing through an external filter unit fitted with a filter of circa 15/20 microns

We routinely offer annual services on these Metalworking Machines :

Sheet Metal, Fabrication, Plasma, Fiber Laser

Amada guillotine service – Amada press brake service
Morgan Rushworth guillotine service – Morgan Rushworth Press Brake service
Promecam guillotine service – Promecam press brake service
Edwards Pearson guillotine service – Edwards Pearson press brake service
Beyeler guillotine service – Beyeler press brake service
Pearson guillotine service – Pearson press brake service
Durma guillotine service  – Durma press brake service
Durmazlar guillotine service – Durmazlar press brake service
Durmazler guillotine service – Durmazler press brake service
Ermaksan guillotine service – Ermaksan press brake service
Rico guillotine service – Rico press brake service
Dener guillotine service – Dener press brake service
Kingsland guillotine service – Kingsland press brake service
Haco guillotine service – Haco press brake service

Imal guillotine service – Imal press brake service
Safan guillotine service – Safan press brake service
Techna Fab guillotine service  – Techna Fab press brake service
Edwards guillotine service  – Edwards press brake service
Jordi guillotine service – Jordi press brake service
Baykal guillotine service – Baykal press brake service
MVD inan guillotine service – MVD Inan press brake service
Mecos guillotine service – Mecos press brake service
Vicla guillotine  service– Vicla press brake service
Warcom guillotine service  – Warcom press brake service
Vermacati guillotine service – Vermacati press brake service
Carter guillotine service  – Carter press brake service
Press & Shear guillotine service – Press & Shear press brake service
Bystronic Press brake service – Trumpf Press brake service
Press & Shear Elga guillotine service
Elga hydrashear guillotine service – Triumph pratt guillotine service
Triumph mechanical guillotine service

Service a CNC Plasma cutting system
Esprit, Esab, Saf, Hypertherm, Nertazip, Thermal dynamics

Service a Hydraulic Plate Bending Rolls
Roccia, Roundo, MG, Davi, Sertom, Faccine, Akyapak, AK, Sahindler,
Durmazlar, Fasti, Luna, Bronx, Hausler, Durma

Service a Hydraulic Section Bending Rolls
Roccia, Roundo, MG, Davi, Sertom, Faccine, Akyapak, AK, Sahindler,
Durmazlar,Fasti, Luna, Bronx, Hausler, Durma

Service a CNC Punch Press
Trumpf,Haco,Amada,LVD,Strippit,Rhodes Pierce all

Service a Metal Work Folder
Edwards, Keetona, Fasti, Sedgewick, Walton, Cidan, Morgan Rushworth, RAS, Keetona Hydraform
Box and pan, powered box & pan

Service a Horizontal metal cutting bandsaw
FMB, Amada, Rusch, Bowmar, Kaltenbach, Kasto, Bianco, Morgan Rushworth

Service a Tube Bending machine – Compression or Mandrel
Ercolina, Ineco, Attubo, Langbow, Sahinlar, Macri,

Service a Universal Steelworker – Ironworker
Geka, Kingsland, Durma, Sunrise, Ficep, Morgan Rushworth, J21, J14

Service a Hydraulic Press
Sicmi, Forsyth ,Bliss, HME, Rhodes, Schuller, Hare, Hidrolarsken, Galdabini,
Sahindlar, Morgan Rushworth, V50, V30

Service a  CNC control system
Cybelec, Delam, Elgo, Euro gauge, ESA,
DNC7000, DNC60, DNC 1200, Modiva, cybtouch
Haco Robosoft, ATS 500, ATS 550, ATL, PC15
Fanuc, Heidenhain, Fagor, broken screen, smashed screen, touchscreen

Service a Centre Lathe, Radial drill, Pillar Drill, Milling Machines
Kitchen & Walker, Dean Smith & Grace, DSG, Swift, Parkinson, Asquith, Town, Pollard, Parkinson

Service operator safety guarding, laser beam or Infra red
Fissler, Sick, Guardscan, Hibass, Safety Scan, Guard Scan, Telemecanique, Pilz, c4000