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Laser Cutting Machine Servicing & Support

Typical service requirements are:

At the beginning of the work shift, inspect the Fiber laser cutting machine a visual inspection of all areas will allow you to notice and address small issues before they become significant problems

It is important to understand the function, design, and operation of your Fibre plasma cutting machine

The operators role in service / maintenance of a Fibre Laser Cutting Machine is a major part of keeping the equipment running efficiently. It is important to immediately investigate strange noises, vibrations, or something that doesn’t look right. The quicker problems are detected and corrected, can often mean a less expensive fix.


A daily maintenance check list should include the following

it’s the small preventive measures that keep a Fibre Laser Cutting Machine up and running.

By keeping tabs on laser optics, gas flow, chiller performance, and machine cleanliness, a metal fabricator can ensure that a laser cutting machine is performing as it should and possibly lengthen the machine’s working life 

A service / maintenance /  check list should include the following key areas

Machines Optics

After any service /maintenance is done to a machine’s optics, it is crucial that the optics are returned to the OEM specifications. out-of-spec optics can affect mode quality, beam quality, cutting performance

Assist Gas

If assist gas of choice is shop air, compressed air needs to be contamination- and moisture-free. Therefore, it’s essential that the lines are always clean and the system maintains proper air pressure and air filtration. Checking the lines and compressed-air source should be part of a shop’s general maintenance routine.


Chiller performance is all about temperature, modern chillers have either a temperature sensor or a temperature display to prevent such problems. they require little maintenance beyond cleaning condenser coils and filters

Keep it Clean

A major aspect of a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine  service /maintenance is keeping the machine clean.

i.e. material support bars, scrap drawers, pallet slides require attention. The build up of debris, dust, grease, and grime on these surfaces will be detrimental to the machine’s performance.

Electrical Systems:

Emergency stop buttons, check the dual circuits relays, check the safety relay, look for welding of contactors

Check all terminal strip connections , relays, terminal boxes on motors.

Reseat all printed circuit boards and check for physical damage (cracked solder points, burned parts, etc.).

Check all voltages coming from power supplies and transformers.

Check all external cables and switches fittings for damage

Check oil and control panel cooling fans are operational.

Clean control cabinet to remove dust particles