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Replacement Guillotine Blades

Replacement Metal Cutting Guillotine Blades

Replacement Guillotine Blades | All Manufacturers of Metal Cutting Guillotines | UK Manufactured

Are there metal cutting guillotine blades that are of stainless steel cutting quality and don't chip?


1.) For the specific cutting of  steels, upto 6mm material thickness, then we recommend your metal cutting guillotine blades are manufactured from Grade D2 material, hardened and tempered to 57/58 Rockweld to give an abrasion resistance, to increases periods between re grinds.

Please Note* Because of the hardness, of 57/58 Rockweld, if you then cut stainless steel or durbar, or any other high tensile strength steel with these blades, you are risking chipping of the blades.

2.) For the specific cutting of stainless steels. Stainless steel has a higher tensile strength than carbon steels, such as 275, it is this increased tensile strength that creates the problem of blades chipping.
To attempt to reduce metal cutting guillotine blade chipping, a lower hardened and tempered figure of  55/56 Rockweld is used, however abrasion resistance is sacrificed, these blades will require frequent re sharpening

So, there is no straight forward solution to general cutting of varied metal guillotining.

Harden and temper guillotine blades to 57/58 Rockweld increases abrasion resistance, increases periods between re grinds, but the blade is more likely to chip when cutting stainless steel, durbar or high tensile steels. Harden and temper blades to Rockweld 55/56, then chipping is less of a problem, but abrasion resistance is reduced,  shorter periods between blade re grinds are experienced.

3.) For the cutting of mixed carbon steels, stainless steel, durbar, high tensile strength steel above 6mm material thickness, then we recommend your metal cutting guillotine blades are manufactured from ‘Grade 2631 shock resistant steel’ hardened and tempered to 57/58 Rockweld [ chipper quality ]

But again these shock resistant guillotine blades have a down side, this being that this grade of steel quickly looses its crisp sharpness, therefore whilst your metal cutting guillotines cutting capacity range indicates that you can go down to
22swg or 18swg etc,
the lack of a good crisp sharp edge may prove to make the guillotine not suitable for cutting of such thinner materials

For details of guilloting cutting blae blade turns to new sharp edge, or a cutting blade re grind, click on the link below

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