Metal cutting guillotines supplied by JPS Machinery Ltd
are supported with a reliable package of:

Delivery to your works gates, the actual off loading, site positioning,
commissioning, operator ‘machine function’, training.

Warranty period, parts & labour, reliable service team, ongoing telephone assistance, not just for the warranty period but for the life of the machine

All metal cutting guillotines are fully supported
by our in-house service team, we have probably the largest
independent dealer service team in the UK
warranty cover, breakdown, service call out’s,
ongoing telephone support, operator training
‘experienced, reliable, professional’

JPS Machinery Ltd – the go-to company for Metal Cutting Guillotines

Metal Cutting Guillotines

Metal Cutting Guillotines, hydraulic or mechanical,
cutting action options being:- swing beam, variable rake, vertical action

‘Swing Beam’, the top blade is a fixed ‘rake’ angle of 1.5° to 2.75° dependant upon thickness of material to be cut
‘Vertical Variable Rake’,’the rake’ angle is variable, 0.5° to 3°
‘Vertical’, Mechanical guillotines [DD],  all models have a fixed ‘rake’ angle of circa 1.5°

The higher the cutting ‘rake’ angle the more ‘curl’ on the cut piece

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