Section Rolling Machines

Roccia Section Rolling Machine – SR3W


A fully hydraulic machine with three driven rolls with independent hydraulic motors and two bending rolls driven by massive hydraulic pistons. Roccia SR3W are developed on modern 3D CAD CAM stations to grant the structural stiffness typical of every Roccia machine and to develop the right geometry necessary to achieve a smooth and linear profile bending process.



Why choose the Roccia Section Rolling Machine – SR3W?

The rolls are assembled on rigid electro welded frames machined on CNC boring machines to grant the precision that every Roccia machine offers even when pushed to their limit.



The ROCCIA hydraulic section bending machines modern and unique design lines subtly distinguish Its difference to all other machines. From first view the expert hand of the ROCCIA design engineers can be seen, subtle lines that indicate a robustness of construction to handle the powerful bending forces.


The ROCCIA families long-established expertise with rolling and bending equipment offers the guiding hand to the in house team of design engineers, who are daily developing ROCCIA machines to give to customers always the latest thinking to guarantee high performances, from the mechanical and CNC software.


An innovative drive system that guarantees traction of the material during bending, all three rolls adapt to the behavior of the profile and guarantee a power equally distributed in every phase of the bending cycles. The positional accuracy of the 2 lower side rolls is constant and precise, this is essential to produce a perfect final product. ROCCIA rolling machines guarantee high performance in every working condition.


All the machined parts required are produced on modern CNC machinery to ensure consistency within tolerance results, Pivot points for the connection of the swing arm system, hydraulic cylinders. ROCCIA utilizes high static load bearings and (self-lubricating bushings), being virtually maintenance-free. Encoders are attached to each of the 2 lower side rolls, these encoders are used to individually monitor each lower side roll position. The encoders operate in unison with the machines PLC and electro-hydraulic valving. The PLC receives inputs from the encoders, recognizing the actual position against a required position, the PLC sends a control
voltage to the electro-hydraulic valve(s), the electro valving then is activated to adjust the hydraulic oil flow to the pinch side rolls to maintain or move to a desired DRO or CNC axis position.

The mono block structure of the machine gives great rigidity during each step of a bending cycle.

Three powered rolls, individually driven by directly mounted hydraulic motors, allow the peripheral speed of each of the bending rolls to adjust to the workpiece diameter. The planetary movement of the two lower bending rolls offers a variable geometry that adapts to the different situations during the bending process. The two lower bending roll arms pivot about two individual shafts, this creates double rigidity The two hydraulic lateral side arms each offer 3 individual axis for the correction of any twist created during the bending


As place your hands on the control console, you will immediately be aware that all the controls are exactly where you would expect them to be.

HDR SYSTEM (Hydraulic Differential Rotation)

It is an exclusive hydraulic system developed with experienced engineers in the hydraulic dynamic field. This system guarantees constant material traction, distributed to the bending rolls with a differential according to the needs of the machine’s operation. The machine basically adapts to the profile’s shape and gives power to the traction rolls in a constant and precise way. Constant traction power significantly reduces the profile’s twisting during the bending operation.

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