Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma Cutting Gantry Model DRAGOm

CNC Plasma Cutting Gantry

CNC Plasma cutting gantry, MOTOFIL model DRAGOm is a state of the art gantry thermal cutting machine, offering robust construction for plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting of large dimension plates.

Manufactured in Portugal by MOTOFIL group

Why Choose The DRAGOm Plasma?

  • The highest industry standard plasma cutting machinery
  • Plasma Generators up to 400 amps – 600 & 800 amps to be announced soon
  • Modular cutting table, cutting length can increase at any time after installation
  • Gas consoles, fully automatic
  • Torch height control, completely automated
  • CNC unit controls up to date with industry standards
  • The option of working with both DXF and ESSI toolpath file systems
  • The software comes as standard – CAD drawing
  • The software comes complete for the optimization and nesting CAM
  • Consistency, remove worries of on-going repairs or secondary operations to ensure quality control
  • Optimization for bolt hole technology
  • Full axis control, X and Y to full precision, pinion system and AC servo motors
  • Cutting features such as resume
  • High axis speed rates
  • Complete convenience, and workflow optimization.
  • Use the same torch to mark and cut materials
  • Reduce fumes, all machinery comes complete with exhaust connections at the rear of the machine which is compatible with factory filtration systems

The cutting table is designed to withstand the high cutting temperatures of up to 400 amp plasma cutting, or multiple Oxy-fuel cutting heads.

The cutting table is modular, therefore at any time the original installed cutting bed length can be extended simply by introducing additional cutting table modules

Standard specification

  • Gantry cross carriage [X] axis upto 10000 mm wide
  • [Y] axis upto 30000 mm long
  • Vacuum fume extraction cutting table
  • Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut XT technology plasma generator
  • Thermal Dynamics plasma torch
  • Ducting with AEROm extraction cabinet
  • CNC Control Radan CAD/CAM
  • Radan Radnest
  • MOTOFIL standard warranty 2 years, parts & labour, supported by JPS Machinery Ltd service team
  • Operators instruction manual
  • CE certificate
  • Up to 2 plasma torches
  • Soft plasma plate marking

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