Plasma Cutting Machines

Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine Gantry Type MOTOFIL DRAGOm

Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine

Model DRAGOm

Heavy duty gantry and extraction table.
Multi oxy fuel heads, upto 6

Manufactured in Portugal by MOTOFIL group


Standard specification:

  • Cross Carriage [X] Axis
  • Up to 6 Cutting Heads
  • Cutting Table & Rails [Y] Axis
  • Fume Extraction Cutting Table
  • Ducting
  • AEROm Dust Cabinet
  • Electrical Cabinet
  • Radan CAD/CAM Software
  • Radan Radnest


Available capacities:

Cutting Table Width | up to 10000 mm
Cutting Table Length | up to 30000 mm

  • Drilling Head

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