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Hydraulic Press / Model PSS NC

Model PSS  NC

‘M’ model has a moveable cross travel hydraulic cylinder.

Press for general work shop usage, fitting, straightening, assembling, dismantling.

Press Capacity:  20 to 200 tonne
Daylight under hydraulic cylinder 900mm to 950mm
Hydraulic cylinder stroke length 350mm


  • Equipment can be supplied and installed around the world safely & securely
  • UK based service team
  • Servicing and support available
  • Supported by the manufacturer
  • Hydraulic with double speed
  • Work table lifting by chain,
  • Cylinder stroke 350mm
  • 20 to 150 tonne capacity
  • A hydraulic press with generous frame proportions, choices of 520mm up to 1500mm between side frames
  • 850mm up to  950mm max distance under hydraulic cylinder
  • Lower frame vertically adjustable, lift by chains attached to hydraulic cylinder, manually fitted pins to then locate
  • 2 hand control – one hand on operating lever the operators other hand on  a push button
    control of this hydraulic workshop press by lever & push button
  • Approach speed 22mm/sec to 30mm/sec [ dependant upon model ]
  • Pressing speed   2mm/sec to 4m/sec [ dependant upon model ] 
  • CE compliance
  • Semi automatic control with lever & push button, ramp & roller operated limit switches setting the hydraulic cylinder stroke length, no rotation hydraulic ram
  • Horizontal movement of the hydraulic cylinder position, stroke,  550mm up to 1100mm dependent up on model
  • Bespoke modification to standard machines is possible
  • Operator guarding systems – where hydraulic cylinder speed exceeds 9mm/sec the hydraulic press requires guarding, with mechanical or infra red electronic guards

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