SICMI Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Press / Model PMM

Model PMM

Travelling Gantry

This press has many – many applications, pressing shafts ‘thru’ gears, bearings, motors etc, straightening of steel plates, tubes or bars, Straightening fabrications, forgings, castings, flame cut steel profiles, assembly, dismantling,  inserting  or removing  shafts.

Press Capacity : 150 to 600 tonne
Daylight under hydraulic cylinder 700mm to 800mm
Hydraulic cylinder stroke length 500mm


  • Equipment can be supplied and installed around the world safely & securely
  • UK based service team
  • Servicing and support available
  • Supported by the manufacturer
  • Manual control by 3 levers placed on the hydraulic unit
  • Pushbutton for 2 two hands control
  • Hydraulic cylinder positioned on a  gantry above a worktable, giving 3 axis positioning of the hydraulic cylinder
  • Control by a pendant on a swinging arm
  • Work table length 2000mm to 6000mm
  • Distance betwwen side frames 1550mm to 3050mm
    Max movement of hydraulic cylinder within side frames 1000mm to 2200mm
  • Approach speed 18mm / sec to 20mm/ sec dependant upon model 
  • Pressing speed 2mm / sec to 3mm/ sec  dependant upon model 
  • CE compliance
  • Bespoke modification to standard machines is possible
  • Operator guarding systems – where hydraulic cylinder speed exceeds 9mm/sec the hydraulic press requires guarding, with mechanical or infra red electronic guards
  • Semi automatic options available

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