Hidroliksan Hydraulic Production Presses


Hidroliksan SMC-HHRP Hot Plated Press

Hidroliksan SMC and Hot Plated Hydraulic presses can be produced up to 3000 Ton capacity. It can be produced as hot or cold plate according to the mold preference of the user. Since this type of presses work with hot mold and hot plate, insulation between the plates is made as standard.


Hidroliksan SMC-HHRP Hot Plated Presses are used in the production of composite materials, rubbers and many other components that require heat in their production. The software of press is written according to the production process requested by user and it can be produced in size and capacity.

  • Chrome Plated Cylinder
  • Steel Welded Frame
  • HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Safeyt Cover and Light Barrier
  • Two Hand Button Control
  • Adjustable Variable Pressure on HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Adjustable Stroke on HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Adjustable Variable Speed on HMI Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Air Cooling
  • T-Slotted Table
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Ejector Cylinder

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