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The Techna Fab Hydraulic Press Brake

Techna Fab Press Brake Hydraulic ‘Torsion Bar’ 
2 Automatic axis [Y+X] Cybelec PS 8 digital CNC control
SICK infra red operator guarding


Automatic multi axis options, auxiliary functions such as lower table deflection systems – See options


Manufactured in China – Model WC67Y


Standard specification:
When there are budgetary considerations,
multi automatic axis are not required


Standard 2 automatic axis [Y+X]
Standard 2 Manual Axis [R+Z]
Automatic axis options of these 
manual axis is available


Available capacities:
Tonnage: 40 to 600 tonne

Bend lengths: 1250 mm to 6050 mm
Tandem options


To download the TECHNA FAB WC67Y specification, click on the pdf icon below, or use our contact page to request the TECHNA FAB specification.

Why Choose the Techna Fab Press Brake?

  • CNC powered crowning system
  • 40-600 tonnage
  • Tandem options
  • Automatic multi-axis options

Product Specification

Standard Specification:

  • ADVANTECH CNC control, programming of 2 automatic motorised axis, the [Y+X] axis – Hardened ball screw [X] axis
  • Manual adjustment of the [R+Z] axis
  • 2 back gauge ‘flip up’ fingers on the [X] axis back gauge
  • Standard euro style intermediary tool holders with wedges
  • Chinese manufactured top & bottom tooling
  • Front mounted SICK infra red operator guards
    900mm high x 14mm Resolution (complies with CE Category IV)
  • Side guard fence(s) with interlock switches
  • Photocell electronic guarding of entry into the rear of the machine
  • 1 Years Warranty, Parts & Labour – JPS Machinery Ltd service team
  • CE Certified

Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment:

  • R Axis – giving 3 automatic axis control [Y+X+R]
  • Alternative CNC – DELEM DA41 – 2 automatic axis control [Y+X]
  • CNC powered crowning system [ADS], 3 hydraulic cylinders built into the lower table
  • Davantech powered crowning system mounted on to the top of the bottom beam
  • FIESSLER AKAS Front operator safety Laser beam



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