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3 Axis [Y1+Y2+X] Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake RICO Model PRCB

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Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake

Synchronized hydraulic press brake
bending, folding of sheetmetal work – bending of steel plates

Available capacities: 30
 to 500 tons |  1530 to 12100 mm bending lengths
Synchronized hydraulic press brake RICO Model PRCB
The PRCB press brake specification starts with
 3 automatic axis [Y1+Y2+X]
plus 4 manual axis [R1+R2]+[Z1+Z2]
The standard BGA backgauge offers options’ of up to 7 automatic axis – using X5 axis
The BGT ‘optional’ backgauge offers up to 8 automatic axis
Cybelec CybTouch 8 PS 7″ ‘Touch Screen’ CNC control
 Offline software – PC Modeva
Laser operator guarding FIESSLER AKAS II-F

Precision bending & folding 

Many operator friendly production enhancing ancillary equipment options

Manufactured in Portugal by RICO

To download the RICO PRCB brochure, click on the pdf icon below,or use our contact page to request the RICO brochure.

Why choose the PRCB hydraulic press brake

  • Quality, performance, precision – reliable UK Support team
  • Reliable build quality + reliable components
    ‘equals’ reliable fast precision bending, folding
  • Reliable UK Support team
  • Cybelec Cybtouch 7″ ‘Touch Screen’ max 4 axis control
    PC Modeva offline software forgot how to ?
    no problem UK telephone support
  • High axis speed performance, all axis
  • Up to 7 automatic axis with the standard  BGA Back gauge [see image to right ]
  • Up to 8 automatic axis with the ‘optional’ BGT Back gauge
  • 7-8 axis requires upgrade of CNC control
  • Large dimensioned open height, stroke, throat depth

  • Full press brake tonnage loading over a metre length
    when tooling mounted centrally into the top beam
    without intermediary clamps
  • Rear entry safety electronic barriers
  • Italian manufactured tooling


The delivery,off loading,installation is covered by both
machinery movement insurance +
 public liability insurance
[these insurance policies are available to be viewed on our home page]

This synchronized hydraulic press brake is fully supported
by our service team, probably the largest dealer service team in UK

Product Specification

Synchronized hydraulic press brake

Standard Equipment:

  • Machine controls, plus the CNC display panel
    mounted into a move-able floor unit
  • Standard 3 automatic fast axis [Y1+Y2+X]
    4 Manual operated axis [R1+R2]+[Z1+Z2]
  • CNC Control Cybelec CybTouch ‘7″ Touch Screen’
    PC Modeva offline software
  • Up to 7 automatic axis option with the
    standard BGA Back gauge being
  • Up to 8 automatic axis with the
    ‘optional’ BGT Back gauge being,
  • Large dimensioned open height, stroke, throat depth
  • Full press brake tonnage loading over a metre when
    tooling mounted centrally into the top beam
    without intermediary clamp
  • SFS Material loading front supports
  • Operator frontal protection: FIESSLER Laser AKAS II-F [ complies with CE Category IV ]
  • Rear entry protection: Light guard safety barriers [ complies with CE Category IV ]
  • Front and rear machine illumination
  • Synchronized hydraulic press brake
  • Internal gear pump, a quiet pump, immersed in the
    hydraulic tank, to further reduce pump noise
  • Self-centering lower table, with a machined bottom beam tooling location
    60mm | 90mm | 120 mm wide [see drawing DR.90208]
  • INT 100 intermediary Euro Style clamps safety groove prevents tools from dropping out
    wedge system for crowning purpose, manual lock & unlock.
  • Italian manufactured tooling – top punch goose neck tool – Ref 12.600
    top tooling includes a 805 mm Sectionalized length
  • Italian manufactured tooling, 60 mm sq bottom 4 way die – ‘V’s 16-22-35-50 – Ref 20.670
  • Green environmental standby function
    automatically turns off the power after 5 minutes of non-activity
  • Operators instruction manual
  • Manufacturers standard warranty: 24 months parts & labour

Optional Equipment

Ancillary Equipment

‘Optional’ Press Brake CNC controllers


  • Delem DA-53T  |10″ ‘Touch Screen’ | Control of 4 axis | Profile TL offline software
  • Delem DA-58T  | 15″ ‘Touch Screen’ | Control of 4 axis | Profile TL offline software | 2D Graphic View
  • Delem DA-66T  |17″ ‘Touch Screen’ | Control of 4 axis | Profile TL offline software | 2D/3D Graphic View | Auto tooling selection
  • Delem DA-69T  |17″ ‘Touch Screen’ | Control of 8 axis | Profile T3D Offline soft ware | 2D Graphic View | 3D programming  | 2D DXF import
    3IGES / STEP import | 3D offline import | Export DXF 2D FP

‘Optional’ Press Brake CNC controllers


  • Cybelec CybTouch 8PS  | 7″ ‘Touch Screen’ | Control of 4 axis | PC Modeva offline software 
  • Cybelec CybTouch 12PS | 12″ ‘Touch Screen’ | Control of 4 axis | PC Modeva offline software | 2D Graphic View
  • Cybelec ModEva 19T | 12″ ‘Touch Screen’ | Control of 8 axis | PC Modeva offline software | 2D Graphic View | Auto tooling selection

‘Optional’ Safety Laser Fiessler AKAS 3P [PSC PLC]
For increased productivity

in lieu of standard Laser guard – Fiessler AKAS LC-II F

Allows fast decent to ‘Mute’ position, which can be set
at 0.5 /1.00 mm above material pinch point

  • Gives a 1.5 to 2.00 second time saving per bend
  • Suitable for smaller press brakes users that are manufacturing
    volume small components



SFS Frontal Supports: Standard

  • Manually adjusted along the longitude of the lower bed
  • Manual height regulation

‘Optional’ BGT 6 axis back gauge

in lieu of standard BGA back gauge

  • 6 automatic axis back gauge [X1+X2-R1+R2-Z1+Z2]

‘Optional’ SPA Pneumatic material frontal supports

  • Installed alongside the [X] axis fingers
  • Supports sheets of material as they are presented to the [X] axis fingers
  • Max load each SPA support is 30Kg 

‘Optional’ ACF1 / ACF2 Automatic sheet followers

  • Recommended for thin materials that might crease/ buckle
    if not supported when they raise up into the air
  • Safety concern, it has been known for press brake
    operators to stand on chairs to support sheets as they
    rise into the air, not a safe thing to undertake
  • ACF units are supported on longitudinal sliding rails
  • Automatic sheet followers are controlled from the
    press brake CNC controller
  • Max load ACF1 160kg | ACF2 400kg per support



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