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4 Axis [Y1+Y2+X+R] Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake - RICO Model PRCN

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Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic press brake synchronised
bending, folding of sheet metalwork & heavier fabrication steel plates
Available capacities: 70 to 500 tons 2100 to 4100 mm bending lengths

Hydraulic press brake synchronized
The PRCN press brake specification starts with
 4 automatic axis, being [Y1+Y2+X+R]
plus the 2 manual axis [Z1+Z2]
The standard robust BGR backgauge offers options’ of up to 7 automatic axis
using the [X5] axis

 The ‘optional’ BGT backgauge offers 8 automatic axis i.e. with independent [X1+X2]
Delem DA 66T 17″ ‘Touch Screen’ CNC control
 Offline software – Profile TL
Laser operator guarding FIESSLER AKAS II-F

Many operator friendly production enhancing ancillary equipment options
The ultimate hydraulic press brake for fast high precision bending & folding

A unique frame giving a 60% reduction in frame deflection during a bend cycle

Manufactured in Portugal by RICO Model PRCN

To download the RICO PRCN brochure, click on the pdf icon below, or use our contact page to request the RICO PRCN brochure.

Hydraulic press brake

Why choose this RICO PRCN Press Brake ?

The RICO PRCN press brake offers:-

The latest technology, accurate high axis speed performance,
Quality build & components, 
large dimensioned open height,
beam stroke to match open height, large throat depth.
UK support team

A‘unique’ frame construction, the hydraulic cylinders of [Y1+Y2]
are positioned inside the machines frame on a heavily dimensioned structure / cross beam, consequently the positioning of the [Y1+Y2] hydraulic cylinders inside the Press Brakes frame reduces deflection during a bend cycle by up to 60%, ensuring a precision angle along a folded length, limiting the use or need for a compensating table.

High tonnage loading over over short bend lengths, up to 200 tons
per metre, this is possible when the top tooling is mounted directly
into the top beam 
using a 20mm tool off set
many other manufacturers cannot match this

A premium Press Brake at a very competitive price – ‘check it out’


  • Standby Function main motor automatically
    stops after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Reliable build Quality | Reliable components
    Reliable precision bending
  • Standby Function, main motor automatically
    stops after 5 minutes of Press Brake inactivity


All metalworking machinery is fully supported
by our in house service team,we have probably the largest
independent dealer service team in the UK
experienced,reliable, professional
warranty cover, service call out’s, ongoing telephone support

Product Specification

Hydraulic Press Brake 

Standard Equipment:

Delem DA-66T CNC control 17” ‘touch screen’
2D/3D graphic view – 
control of upto 8 axis
Offline software – Delem Profile-TL

Standard 4 Automatic fast axis: [Y1+Y2+X+R]
with 2 Manual operated axis [Z1+Z2]

Machine controls plus CNC is mounted into
a moveable floor unit

BGR Back Gauge Strongly constructed,
increased rigidity for positional stability,
reduce vibration, ball screws and brushless motor

SFS Material loading front supports

SWAYBEND Ball joints placed in an oil bath, supporting the top bending beam, allows up to 50mm of difference between [Y1+Y2]

Operator front protection FIESSLER Laser unit
complies with CE Category IV

Rear entry protection Light guard safety barriers
complies with CE Category IV

illumination to the front and rear of the Press Brake

Internal gear pump this is a quiet pump, the pump being immersed in the 
hydraulic tank, this further reduces any pump noise


Self-centering lower table a machined tooling location
of 60mm / 90mm / 120 mm wide
dependant upon lower tool dimension

Intermediary top tool clamps INT 100, Euro style,
with safety groove that prevents tools from dropping out,

wedge system for crowning purpose, manual lock & unlock

Quality Italian manufactured tooling – top punch gooseneck tool
Ref 12.600,
including a 805mm sectionalized length

Quality Italian manufactured tooling, 60mm sq bottom
4 way die, ‘V’s are 16-22-35-50 – Ref 20.670

a 805mm sectionalized length only supplied
upon a customers instruction

Operators instruction manual

Warranty Manufacturers standard warranty, 24 months parts & labour,
supported by the JPS Machinery Ltd service team, trained at the
RICO Gondomar factory

RICO Green Standby function – automatically turns off the power after 5 minutes of the Hydraulic Press Brake non-activity

CE certificate



Optional Equipment

Ancillary Equipment

Sheet Supports

Assist sheet bending

Heavy Sheet supports

Heavy duty front sheet supports


Heavy duty front sheet supports

BGR Back Gauge

Heavy duty back gauge



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