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4 Automatic axes [Y1+Y2+X+R] Synchronized Electric Press Brake - RICO MODEL PRCE

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Electric Synchronized
Press Brake

Electric synchronized press brake
fast bending, folding of precision sheet metal work

available capacities: 40
 tons |  1100 to 2100 mm bending lengths

Synchronized electric press brake RICO Model PRCE
 The PRCE press brake specification starts with
 4 automatic axis [Y1+Y2+X+R]
plus 2 manual axis [Z1+Z2]
The standard BGR backgauge offers options’ of up to 7 automatic axis – using X5 axis
 The BGT ‘optional’ backgauge offers 8 automatic axis
Delem DA 53T 10″ ‘Touch Screen’ CNC control
 Offline software – PC modeva
Laser operator guarding AKAS II-F

Many operator friendly production enhancing ancillary equipment options
Fast precise bending & folding 

Manufactured in Portugal by RICO model PRCE

To download the RICO PRCE brochure, click on the pdf icon below,or use our contact page to request the RICO brochure.

Why choose an electrical press brake

  • Quality, performance, precision – reliable UK Support team
  • Reliable build quality + reliable components
    ‘equals’ reliable fast precision bending, folding
  • Reliable UK Support team
  • Delem DA 53T 10″ ‘Touch Screen’ 4 axis control
    Profile TL offline software
    no problem UK telephone support
  • High axis speed performance, all axis

  • Up to 7 automatic axis with the standard  BGR Back gauge [see image to right ]
  • Up to 8 automatic axis with the ‘optional’ BGT Back gauge
    7-8 axis requires upgrade of CNC software
  • Large dimensioned open height, stroke, throat depth

Product Specification

Standard specification

Electric | Ball Screw
3 automatic axis [Y1+Y2+X] – Additional automatic axis options available

Available capacities:

Tonnage: 40 tonne
Bend lengths: 1100 mm to 2100 mm

Optional Equipment



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