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Electric Press Brake Synchronized - Commencing with 4 Axis [Y1+Y2+X+R] RICO PRCE

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Electric Press Brake

Electric press brake, synchronised
Sheet metal 
bending machine
Precision, fast axis sheet metal bender – small press brake

 Electric Press Brake – RICO model PRCE
small press brake – offering high production capabilities
Green Credentials 

Available capacities: 40 tons – 11002100 mm bending lengths

The PRCE hydraulic press brake specification commences with:
 4 automatic axis as ‘Standard’, the axis being [Y1+Y2+X+R]
plus 2 manual axis being [Z1+Z2]

The ‘Standard’ RICO BGR backgauge offers up to 4 ‘optional’ automatic
back gauge axis,  being [R+Z1+Z2+X5]

The ‘Optional’ RICO BGT backgauge offers up to 6 ‘Optional’ automatic
axis, being [X1+X2+R1+R2+ Z1+Z2 ]

The ‘Standard’ CNC controller is the
DELEM DA-53T – 10″ Touch Screen’
controlling up to 4 automatic axis
supplied with Profile TL offline software
Controller demo, no problem – just ask !

Laser operator frontal guarding is FIESSLER AKAS II-F
Rear entry protection – light curtain

Many operator friendly ‘production enhancing’ ancillary equipment options, take a look !

Manufactured in Portugal by RICO

To view or download the RICO PRCE brochure, click on the pdf icon below,
or use our contact page to request the RICO PRCE brochure.

Electric Press Brake
Precision sheet metal bending machinery

Why choose this RICO PRCE Electric Press Brake 

Operator safety – reliable performance, with Green Credentials, precision bending of sheet metal,
‘short cycle’ time of each sheet metal bend,
the servo-electric system reduces the transition time of each down /up stroke, 
high [Y1+Y2] axis speed, higher than other manufacturescheck it out.
High performance low noise ball screws, premium brand electrical, hydraulic components, Quality build.
Reliable UK service & technical support team.

This PRCE Electric Press brake is equipped with reliable and proven electric & hydraulic components, components, that are generally held in stock at RICO, generally most are also available here in the UK

DELEMCYBELECESA CNC controller ‘options’
in lieu of the DELEM DA-53T 10″ your choice !.
Several ‘Options’, offering control of up 
to 8 automatic axis,
2D|3D graphics, ancillary equipment, 
offline software etc.
Interested in a 
CNC Controller demo?,
Any controller, no problem, just ask

• CNC programming assistance after installation,
no problem
UK telephone support available,
‘freely’ available now and for the future

• Standard electric press brake back gauge is the BGR

Built in the RICO factory, 2019 new improved design,
robust construction, very high precision
Equipped with ball screws and brushless motor

PRCE Standard hydraulic press brake back gauge is the BGR, constructed using a rectangular box section, with internal tension bars that ensure no box section deformation, giving 0.03 mm accuracy of each individual back gauge finger in relation to the tooling bend
centerline, where ever it’s positioned on the [Z] axis

Commencing with 4 automatic axis being [Y1+Y2+X+R]
‘Options’ of up to 3 additional back gauge
automatic axis, being [Z1+Z2+X5]

[X] Axis – linear guides, ‘ball screw’, brushless motor
[Z] Axis – linear guides ‘rack & pinion’, brushless motor
[R] Axis – linear guides, ‘rack & pinion’, brushless motor
[X5] Axis – linear guides, ‘ball screw’, brushless motor
[BGR backgauge, see image top of this page, & page 13 RICO brochure]

The ‘Optional’ back gauge is the BGTL
offering up to 6 automatic axis. [X1+X2+R1+R2+Z1+Z2]
Built at the RICO factory in Portugal.
[BGTL technical specification below]

PRCE Electric Press Brake Sheet Melal Bending - Synchronized Electric Press Brake RICO PRCE

Green credentials the PRCE model is a totally Electric Press brake, it uses a START | STOP function
that stops the motors automatically after each metal bending cycle – allowing a considerable saving of energy.

The latest  technological thinking
The future technology is ‘here & now’ with RICO !!
The latest technology synchronised precision Electric Press Brake
at a competitive price – ‘please check it out’

Finally with a ‘like’ for ‘like’ technical specification with
any Electrical Press Brake manufacturer who is
currently under your consideration, a RICO PRCE
Electric Press Brake will prove to be outstanding value

‘like’ for ‘like’ technical specification comparison RICO PRCE is an unbeatable specification & value

Electric  Press Brakes – sheet metal bending machinery,  all metalworking machinery
supplied is fully supported by our in house service team,
we have probably the largest independent dealer service team in the UK
warranty cover, breakdown / service call out’s,
ongoing telephone support, operator training
‘experienced, reliable, professional’


During delivery, off loading and installation of this
Electric Press Brake, then all work is covered
by JPS Machinery Ltd Marine, Machinery Movement,
Public Liability insurances
These insurance policies are available to be viewed
on our home page, 
bottom RH corner

This Electric Press Brake – metal bending machine is fully supported
by our in house service team, we have probably the largest
Independent dealer service team in the UK
warranty cover, breakdown / service call out’s,
ongoing telephone support, Operator training
experienced, reliable, professional

Product Specification

Electric Press Brake
Small press brake, fast precise sheet metal bending

Standard Equipment:

Tonnage: 40 tonne
Bend lengths: 1100 mm to 2100 mm

DELEM DA-53T CNC controller.
10″ (TFT) ‘touch screen’
Control of up to 4 axis,
Offline software – DELEM Profile-TL

• 4 Automatic fast axis: [Y1+Y2+X+R]

• 2 Manually operated axis: [Z1+Z2]
Convenient manual re position from front of the press brake

BGR Back gauge, equipped with linear guides,
ball screws, brushless motor
robust construction, very high precision

Built in RICO factory, 2019 new improved design,
improved [Z]-[R] axis strokes,
[X] Axis positioning, linear guides,‘ball screw’,
brushless motor
[Z] Axis positioning, linear guides ‘rack & pinion’,
brushless motor
[R] Axis positioning, linear guides, ‘rack & pinion’,
brushless motor
[X5] Axis positioning, linear guides, ‘ball screw’,
brushless motor
RICO ‘continuous improvement’
[BGR backgauge, image top of this page, page 13 RICO brochure]

• SFS Material front support loading arms
(standard units) [shown page 14 RICO brochure]

• Operator frontal protection Laser guarding:
(complies with CE Category IV)
simple manual adjustment of the Laser beam’s position
under the top tool 
[see page 15 RICO brochure]

• Rear entry protection: Light curtains 

• Machine control, CNC control panel, within a hanging
swivel unit 
[shown throughout the RICO brochure]

• Machine current status for operator notification
is indicated on the movable floor foot pedal unit

Motor OFF Blue light
Motor ON Red light
Motor ON, Re-set, Green light
[shown page 10 of RICO brochure]

• Self-centring lower table, with machined
‘V’ tooling location’s of 60 mm / 90 mm / 120 mm

[tooling location drawing DR.90208 is available for clarity]

• Top tooling intermediary ‘Euro style’ clamps,
100 mm high x 150 mm width, with 
wedge system 

• Quality Italian manufactured tooling:-
835 mm lengths of top punch goose neck tool
Ref 12.600, with one 805 mm sectionalized length

Bottom tooling 4 way die 60 mm square,
the ‘V’s are 16-22-35-50 – Ref 20.670
[This standard tooling package can be modified
to suit the individual needs of each customer]

• Front and Rear machine illumination

• RICO & JPS Machinery Ltd standard warranty:
24 months parts & labour, 
supported by the
JPS Machinery Ltd service team

Electric Press Brake Operators instruction manual

• CE certificate

Electric Press Brake – RICO PRCE
sheet metal bending machine
Many demonstration videos
are available to view at:-


Optional Equipment

Ancillary Equipment



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