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Multiprocess thermal plasma cutting machine

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Multiprocess Thermal Plasma
Cutting Machine

Multiprocess thermal plasma cutting machine, the model DRAGOm is
a heavy duty CNC thermal cutting gantry machine, which can be adapted for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting processes,
also integrate the options of plasma marking, bevel torches, mechanical drilling and tapping, 5 station tool changer (ISO 40)

The oxyfuel process allows the cutting of mild steel in thicknesses up to 200mm and the plasma process allows the cutting of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to 100mm.
 The extraction cutting table, up to 30 metres in length, is in modular sections which allows the extraction cutting table to be extended at any time after installation, as and when the need arises.

MOTOFIL DRAGOm Multiprocess Thermal Cutting

Benefits of the Multiprocess thermal plasma cutting machine solution:

  • Flexibility with production of parts requiring multiple process in a single set up
  • Speed within a work cycle, simply due to not requiring changes of the machines set-up
    for each required processes

Product Specification

Optional Equipment

Optional Production Auxiliary:

  • Oxyfuel bevel system 
  • Plasma bevel system
  • Mechanical drilling upto 35mm dia x 64mm deep
  • 5 Station Tooling Holder (ISO 40)


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