What is Plasma Cutting Machinery

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

With a high number of companies across a wide range of industries investing in CNC plasma cutting machinery, we are going to be looking into why this is – urging more people and businesses to realize the many benefits that CNC plasma cutting machines offer.

High precision CNC plasma cutting machines are capable of delivering results that now approach the quality of Laser, yet at a lower cost, additionally offering additional manufacturing options, plus being easier to maintain and at a lower investment cost

Let us look into this in more detail!!!


What is Plasma?

Plasma is a gas heated to an extremely high temperature and then it becomes ‘ionized’ so that the gas becomes electrically conductive. Plasma arc thermal cutting uses the ‘ionized’ plasma gas as an electrode to transfer an electrical arc to the work piece

What is high precision? 

High precision cutting is defined as narrow ‘kerf’ width (i.e. cut width), with no top edge rounding, smooth cut surface, the bevel angle on cut edge less than 3°, negligible dross

Approaching laser quality

What is conventional cutting? 

Conventional cutting will have higher cutting speeds, however ‘kerf’ widths will be wider, some top edge rounding will occur, bevel angle on cut edge around 6°, negligible dross

Relatively low investment cost

The initial investment cost of plasma cutting machines, as with all other types of machinery, can vary dramatically depending on the specification required, i.e. additional production enhancing features, such as a bevel heads, oxy fuel head, drilling & tapping unit,  however, this being said, CNC Plasma thermal cutting machines are very cost effective when compared to other cutting methods available,  such as Laser cutting machines, waterjet machines.

Economical operating costs

Plasma cutting machinery operating costs are surprisingly low, typically costing approximately three quarters of the cost of a Fiber Laser cutting machine and half of the cost of waterjets. When choosing thermal cutting machinery factors in which people must consider include power consumption, consumables, gases and routine maintenance.

High production rates

Plasma precision cutting systems such as ULTRA CUT XT really stand out when it comes to Thermal cutting of medium to thicker plates, with typical speeds being considerably higher than when using Oxyfuel, because plasma produces much higher heat than oxygen cutting, plasma cuts stainless & aluminium quickly & cleanly

CNC control

Plasma cutting Tables and Gantry machines are fitted with CNC controls, most modern plasma cutting machines being able to work with a variety of toolpath files and advanced machine CAD drawing software, CAM nesting and optimisation software to minimise waste are common place.

Plasma cutting machines at JPS Machinery Ltd

Here at JPS Machinery LTD,  we offer a wide range of advanced plasma cutting solutions for a huge array of industries, all of which come with great specifications, price, availability options,

plus delivery, off loading, site positioning, ‘machine function’ operator training, ongoing technical support, warranty,  fully supported by our service team, possibly the largest independent service team in the UK

All of our available plasma cutting machines can be seen here:

Plasma Cutters

If you have any questions regarding plasma thermal cutting or would like to speak with a member of our experienced sales team,  who will be able to advise what the machinery options are,  based on your individual circumstances…….then please call 0113 236 3366 today.