Motofil Appoint JPS Machinery Ltd

The MOTOFIL group of Portugal manufacturers of advanced cutting technologies, Laser & Plasma cutting machines, appoint JPS Machinery ltd as sole UK & Ireland agents

Motofil Laser Cutting Machines

MOTOFIL model MFL integrates ROFIN FL series Fiber Laser cutting technology 2kw 3Kw 4Kw 6kw.
ROFIN with 35 years of Laser experience offers proven product quality

Cutting table dimensions:
MFL Model 315 – 3000 x 1500
MFL Model 420 – 4000 x 2000
MFL Model 620 – 6000 x 2000
MFL Model 820 – 8000 x 2000

Motofil Plasma Cutting Machines

MOTOFIL Models FELINE & DRAGOm integrate THERMAL DYNAMICS Plasma cutting technology
Ultra-Cut 100 XT  200XT 300XT 400XT
proven product quality

Cutting table dimensions:
FELINE Model – 1500 x 6000 Table type
DRAGOm Model – 2500 x 30000 Gantry Type


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