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ROCCIA HR3WS Variable Geometry

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Plate Rolling Machine

 plate rolling machine, ‘Variable Geometry’ manufactured in Italy, incorporating the latest plate rolling design and technologically, with advanced technical equipment, excellent build quality, reliability of performance.

Horizontal movement of the 2 side rolls, with a vertical movement
of the top roll, for pre-bending

Hydraulic 3 roll, variable geometry plate bending rolls,
the ultimate ‘heavy duty’ plate rolling machine for plate rolling
at max thickness, using ‘variable geometry’ technology NC or CNC options, plus ancillary equipment, i.e. rolled cylinder central & side supports, material loading unloading tables, manual or power operated

Italian’ excellence’ – perfection without compromise

Product Specification

Technology and Innovation

  • EBD (Electronic Balancing Device)
    The most technologically advanced system to precisely couple the two hydraulic pistons controling the side roll positions. Tested and used on press brakes for many years, the EBDsystem offers roll  positioning precision without equal.
  • LVS (Limitless variable speed)
    The two side bending rolls and and the rotation of the top & bottom rolls have a variable speed feature based upon the use of proportional valves.  Control of material surface speed & bending roll positioning has never been easier.
  • DTS (Double side tilting system)
    It gives not only the possibility to tilt the bending rolls in one side to bend cones but it is reversible.
    This means that the bending rolls can be tilted in two directions and be used for straightening,
    or aligning a  rolled shell, tube, tank, that has some defects.
    The Plate bending roll features the SMART SELECTOR system, this allows the plate rolling machine operator to select any ancillary function he requires to control, additionally the system is designed to give you the purchaser the ongoing flexibility to add some of the optional equipment, at a later date the SMART SELECTOR system ensures that everything is in place for the up grade

Optional Equipment

Striving to achieve perfection requires constant attention to many details

  • Ongoing excellence in design technology
  • Vigilance & strict inspection monitoring during fabrication & machining procedures
  • The use of proven and reliable components from reliable international suppliers
  • A team of focused design engineers listening and interacting with customers requirements
  • A focused team of build & service technicians
  • Reliable and on going technical support, with a UK based service team at JPS Machinery LtdClick on this link to see what model(s) are currently in build Italy
    available for quick delivery : metal rolling machine


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