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Hydraulic 3 or roll, double initial pinch plate bending roll metal rolling machine, manufactured in Italy, incorporating the latest available design and technologically i.e. ‘Pre-bend’ plate rolling technology: The 4 roll machine, with a locked position of the middle lower material pinch roll. 3 & 4 roll- options of Braked hydraulic roll motors.

Offering a acceptable flat at the pre-bend, circa 2-3 times material thickness. ‘Tight rolled’ cylinders: Rolled diameters, approx 1.3, top roll diameter. NC or CNC options, plus ancillary equipment, i.e rolled cylinder central & side supports, material loading tables, manual or power operated.

Excellent European build quality and reliability JPS Machinery Ltd service team fully support the manufacturers warranty

Italian’ excellence’ – perfection without compromise

Product Specification

  • Ongoing excellence in design technology
  • Vigilance & strict inspection monitoring during fabrication & machining procedures
  • The use of proven and reliable components from reliable international suppliers
  • A team of focused design engineers listening and interacting with customers requirements
  • A focused team of build & service technicians
  • Reliable and on going technical support,  with a UK based service team at JPS Machinery Ltd
  • Model frame ‘R’ – No expensive pit required – 3100 width machines,  20mm pre bend and upwards, benefit from a new frame construction design ‘R’ [Patent Pending].
    This design maintains the optimum material loading height at circa 800 / 1000mm

    big savings due to no pit costsBending Rollers – Basic principles in brief :
  • The standard specification machine uses a control consul with side roll DRO’s plus manual
    joystick operation, with options for 3 different levels of CNC control
    these being : NewtonGalileo & Giotto
  • Strongley designed,  fabricated frame, machined on the latest CNC machine tools
  • [MAP] System for the  lower roll pinching of the material, [MAP] avoides loss of pinch pressure
    due to hydraulic oil compression
  • Swing arm system for the 2 side roll movements, this  eliminates friction that is associated with
    a machined slide system
  • Double tilting side rolls [DTS] for cone rolling and aligning cylinder ends
  • Electronic balancing of the 2 side rolls [EBD] to ensure  parrellism ofthe longitidinal seam
  • Hardened rolls as standard
  • Rolls designed with the correct camber to offset deflection forces during rolling, to avoid barrel or hour glass shaped cylinders

Optional Equipment


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