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Metal Cutting Guillotine Mechanical DD TECHNA-FAB QH11D

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Sheet Metal Cutting Guillotine 

Standard specification:Sheet metal cutting guillotine for shearing of sheet steel for sheet metalworking

Powered back gauge with DRO | squaring / support arms | 600 mm stroke rear backgauge | material chute | pneumatic sheet support option

Available capacities:
Material thickness: 0.7 mm to 4.0 mm – Carbon Steel 42Kg/mm²
Metal sheets cut length: 1050 mm to 3100 mm


Product Specification

Standard Specification:

  • Direct Drive [DD] – motor only runs when foot switch is depressed
  • Adjustable guillotine blade gap, front lower beam is adjusted
  • Full length mechanical operator finger guard
  • Mechanical material hold down, a castellated beam with plastic inserts to avoid material marking
  • Powered back gauge 650 mm stroke, [ buttress thread with brass nut ]
    ESTUN E 21 NC read out, back gauge length setting, cut counter
  • Rear chute for the cut material
  • 1000mm LH squaring arm, with measure strip and flip over stop
  • Simple front support arms, without measure strip, or flip up stops
  • Wandering foot pedestal, fitted with emergency stop button
  • Rear entry guarding, with OMRON electronic optical sensors
  • Double safety circuit, with a PILZ or SCHMERSAL ‘safe work relay’ ensuring that at machine start up’s the integrity of the dual safety circuit is checked
  • Operator & electrical manuals
  • CE Certificate

Sheet metal cutting guillotine, a perfect solution for rapid, accurate, cutting of sheet materials up to 4mm, operator safety.
Fully supported by JPS Machinery Ltd service team

Optional Equipment

Optional equipment

  • Touch & Go back gauge ESTUN E20 NC -in lieu of the standard ESTUN 10 S – Dial into the DRO target position, press go button, back gauge automatically finds target position [+ or -] 0.10 mm – hardened ball screw with backlash eliminator
  • Controller mounted into a swing away arm
  • A rear mounted pneumatic sheet support system, stops thin sheets ‘dipping’ under the back gauge.
    requires a separate air supply, purchasers responsibility, cost


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