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Metal Cutting Guillotine Hydraulic Swing Beam MVD B Series

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MVD iShear B Series Shearing Machine

Hydraulic-swing beam cutting action-fixed rake angle


Standard specification:
Fabrication shop & steel stock holder workhorse


Powered back gauge with DRO 750 mm stroke – rear rear material chute


Available capacities:
Material thickness: 6 mm to 20 mm

Plate cut length: 2100 mm to 6100 mm
Fixed Rake: 1.5° to 3.5° dependant upon the model


Manufactured in Turkey by MVD Inan

  • Emergency stop button
  • Oil tank level indicator
  • Simple and easy operations
  • Rear protection light beams
  • Roller bearing top table

Product Specification

Standard Equipment:

  • ELGO P9521 Digital backgauge readout, mounted into a hanging swivel control panel
  • Swing beam cut action
  • Top blade ‘Fixed Rake’ cutting angle
    Two (2) speed selector for strokes per min
  • 1000 mm Back gauge stroke equipped with ball screws, linear guides
    [ Accuracy +/- 0.10 mm ]
  • Swing up/away function for cuts greater than 1000 mm
  • Automatic retraction of the back gauge at commencement of the cut
  • 1500 mm LH mounted squaring arm, with measure scale, flip up stops
  • 2/3/4 off 1000 mm front material support arms, with measure scale, flip up stops
  • Front table infill plates fitted with roller balls for easy material positioning / movement
  • Front finger protection, with clear viewing panels along its length, 1st 1000 mm section ‘lifts up’
  • Frontal ‘down lighting’ for cutting area
  • Shadow cutting line
  • The material ‘hydraulic‘ hold down jacks’ are fitted with Teflon tips to avoid any material marking
  • Blade gap mechanism – easy regulation, handle, pointer, scale, positioned on side of guillotine
  • Foot pedal – Continuous cut, or cycle-by-cycle cut
  • ‘Rear’ of machine operator entry protection – photo electric barriers
  • Guillotine Blades suitable for Carbon and Stainless Steel
    2 cutting edges top blade – 4 cutting edges bottom blade
  • Hoerbiger or Bosch Rexroth hydraulic block
  • Schneider or Telemecanique electrical components
  • MVD standard warranty,2 years parts & labour supported by JPS Machinery Ltd service team
  • Operators instruction manual
  • CE certificate

Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment:

  • Choice of alternative controllers being:NC ELGO P40 T–CYBELEC CybTouch 6 Offering-touch screen option (T), with programmable functions,such as, blade gap adjustment, stroke length, stroke counter
  • Special throat depth 500 mm
  • LH Side 1000 mm lift up section of the finger guard
  • Full length lift up front finger guard, fitted with FIESSLER Laser beam guarding
  • Rear pneumatic sheet support system
  • Rear chute for the cut material to slide down
  • Extended length material support arm(s) 1500 / 2000 / 3000 mm
    choice of measure strips,flip up back stops,arms fitted with roller balls
    for easy material movement



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