Metal Cutting Guillotines

Metal cutting guillotines,Hydraulic or Mechanical DD, precision metal cutting, shearing of sheet metal, or the heavier cutting of steel plates for fabrication workshops.
Cutting action Swing Beam or Vertical Cut.

Cutting widths to 6050 mm | Cutting thickness to 25 mm
The standard general purpose guillotine blades fitted, are hardened to 55-58 Rockweld, alternative hardness blades are available.

Many production enhancing extra options, to allow customising of the metal cutting guillotine to individual company specification requirements.

If you are searching for metal cutting guillotine, that offers impressive performance with optimum value-specification, then please browse our comprehensive range of metal cutting guillotines below

A range of Metal Cutting Guillotines to suit opinions, specifications, financial budgets

Hydraulic & Mechanical Guillotines

Hydraulic, Mechanical metal cutting guillotines are fully supported  by our In-House service team, we have probably the largest independent dealer service team specialising in Metalworking machinery in the UK, warranty cover, service, repair, breakdown, telephone support, operator machine function training, annual maintenance contracts.
‘experienced, reliable, professional’

Not just for the warranty period, but for the life of the machine.

JPS Machinery Ltd – The go-to company for Metal Cutting Guillotines

RICO Metal Cutting Guillotine

RICO have been producing Metal Cutting Guillotines & Press Brakes since 1969

RICO Principles: Reliability, Precision, Performance, Technology

RICO HGR Metal Cutting Guillotine, with a UNIQUE  cutting beam action, when the straightness of the cut edge,  reduced helix twist on the cut piece really matters, the solution is a RICO HGR variable rake, vertical action metal cutting guillotine

RICO HGR metal cutting guillotine is in our opinion the premier metal cutting guillotine in the market.

Fully supported by our In-House service team.

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MVD Metal Cutting Guillotines

MVD Established in 1950, are a large Turkish manufacturer of Metal Cutting Guillotines,
Press Brakes, Plasma, Laser Cutting Machines

MVD Produce the metalworking industry workhorse i.e. the ‘Swing Beam’ Metal Cutting Guillotine, additionally a Direct Drive Mechanical Guillotine, both shears being good build quality, technically up to date

Fully supported by our In-House service team.

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TECHNA FAB Metal Cutting Guillotine

TECHNA FAB are a Chinese manufacturer of Metal Cutting Guillotines, Press Brakes.

JPS Machinery Ltd have been importing TECHNA FAB Metal Cutting Guillotines Since 2005

TECHNA FAB Metal Cutting Guillotines are a fixed rake angle ‘Swing Beam’ Guillotines
‘Economical’ cost, with a reliable performance

Fully supported by our In-House service team.

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Controllers for Metal Cutting Guillotines | DRO, NC, CNC

The required controller for use with a Hydraulic or Mechanical guillotine is dependent on the required control of the backgauge axis, plus required control of the ancillary equipment.

The most basic function is the control of the powered back gauge measurement, the [X] axis, controlled / positioned with a digital read out [DRO]

Guillotines with a powered back gauge [X] axis, plus other powered ancillary functions such as: blade gap, RAKE angle variation, short stroke cutting, rear cut material extraction, return cut material to front system, if chosen,
will require a NC or CNC controller

There is a wide range of DRO, NC, CNC control options, the 6 main manufacturers being:

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