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Metal Cutting Guillotine

Metal cutting guillotines are used within a wide range of metalworking industries,
sheet metal, fabrication, steel stockholding.
Generally a metal cutting guillotine is used as a 1st operation,
to cut sheet metal or plate materials quickly and precisely in preparation for other ongoing usage.

Within our range of metal cutting guillotines, we strive to ensure that we provide companies with precision metal cutting guillotines shears that offer options that meet  specification & budgetary requirements.

If you’re looking for metal cutting guillotine machinery, please do not hesitate to browse our range below, please contact our experienced engineering sales team a call today !

Metal Cutting Guillotine Machinery

Metal cutting guillotine have 2 different cutting actions,  these being metal cutting guillotines with a vertical cutting action or a swing beam cutting shearing action,
both are precision cutting machines

Vertical cutting offers variable cutting rake angles, whereas swing beam guillotines have a fixed cutting rake angle

Both vertical and swing beam metal cutting guillotines are equipped as standard with a power back gauge, strokes ranging from 600 mm to 1000 mm, with choice’s of simple ‘go to’ DRO’s or CNC control options, plus many more operator friendly production enhancing features.

Not only this, but as with all machinery options within our metalworking machinery categories, metal cutting machines supplied by JPS Machinery Ltd come with reliable package of:
delivery to your works gates, off loading, site positioning, commissioning, operator ‘machine function’, training,
ongoing technical support, parts & labour warranty.

All fully supported by our service team, probably the largest independent
dealer in house service team in the UK

Cutting Shearing machinery

No matter what niche of metalworking your company may be in, we are able to provide precision steel cutting shearing machinery that holds the ability to enhance your companies, production,quality capabilities.