Industrial Metal and Steel Cutting Bandsaws

Metal Cutting Bandsaws and Circular Saws

A range of bandsaws and saws to meet with all
your cutting requirements and financial budgets

Manual, Semi-Automatic,  Automatic
Mitre Swivel Bow, Straight Cutting, pivot action, or twin column
Bandsaw blade widths 27 | 34 | 41 mm

Optional Equipment:

Variable blade speed, power down feed, gravity or hydraulic, automatic vice close/open, NC controlled infeed measure systems, infeed/outfeed roller conveyor tables, simple length measure systems

A range of Metal Cutting Bandsaws for general workshop cutting, of rounds, squares, box, rectangle, angle, flat bar, or a metal cutting bandsaw specifically for structural sections, H beams, I beams, channels etc.

Automatic bandsaws for cutting machine shop blanks.

Cutting Rounds/Square up to 406 mm
Cutting Rectangles up to 450 x 1030 mm

FMB Mitre Cutting Bandsaw

FMB The leading ITALIAN manufacturer of Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaws.
Manual | Semi Automatic | Automatic.

The strongly constructed swivel mitre cutting bow reduces blade vibration, giving a longer bandsaw blade cutting life.

A Premium Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw, ‘the design, specification, build, component quality, all contributing to the bandsaws in service longevity !!’.

Can you find a lower cost metal cutting bandsaw, YES, but not of the FMB quality,
the 2 year parts & labour warranty indicates our confidence in the FMB Metal cutting band saws, their reliability & quality.

Fully supported by our In-House service team.

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HAMME Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

HAMME a Turkish manufacturer of Band Saws & Circular Saws

HAMME Horizontal Band Saws & Circular Saws
Manual | Semi Automatic | Automatic

Fully supported by our In-House service team.

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TECHNA FAB Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

TECHNA FAB a Chinese manufacturer of Horizontal Saws & Circular Saws.

TECHNA FAB Horizontal Bandsaw
Manual | Semi Automatic
Our Economy workshop range

Fully supported by our In-House service team.

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HAMME Automatic Circular Saws

HAMME high quality, high production modern automatic circular saw machines.

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