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Polaris + CN Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

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POLARIS + CN Automatic horizontal bandsaw
Manufactured in Italy by FMBItalian Excellence’

Standard specification:
Automatic horizontal bandsaw,straight cutting of rounds,squares,box etc,numerical control [CN], shuttle vice, hydraulic down feed, electronic blade speed variator 16/120 m/min, hydraulic material clamping vice, bundle cutting option, 1000 mm in feed roller conveyor, flood coolant, mounted on a steel cabinet base.

Cutting Capacities @ 0°
Rounds 406 mm
Squares 406 mm
Rectangles 406 x 406 mm

To download the FMB POLARIS + CN product brochure, click on the pdf icon below, or use our contact page to request the FMB brochure.

  • Automatic band saw machine for cutting at 0 degrees 
  • Simple
  • User friendly
  • Provided with wide screen
  • Standard CN for cutting bars in cutting different quantities

Product Specification

  • Cutting capacity @ 0°
    Rounds 320mm – Squares 320mm

    Rectangles 320mm x 410mm – Bundle 250mm x 406mm
  • Vertical action, bandsaw bow mounted upon a square vertical column with double linear guides
  • Automatic function horizontal steel cutting bandsaw machine, cuts only @ 
  • Hydraulic down feed – bow descent adjustment valve
  • Material clamping vices with manual rack system, hydraulic locking cylinder
  • Electronic speed control, infinitely variable – 16m/min to 120m/min
  • Infeed side shuttle vice, max stroke length 420mm, length of final piece in automatic cycle is 180mm
  • Length tolerance + or  0.1mm per stroke of shuttle vice
  • Fabricated steel bow head structure
  • Hydraulic blade tensioning, with broken bandsaw blade sensor micro switch, blade rotation sensor
  • Blade guide with combined action of side bearings carbide wear plates and top bearing
  • Coolant flow to both blade guides
  • Driven blade cleaning brush integrated in the head protection cover
  • Direct drive reduction gear box, lubricated with long lasting grease
  • Ergonomic working table and control panel
  • Swarf extractor system [excluding collection container]
  • M42 Bandsaw Blade 4900mm x 41mm x 1.3mm

Electronic control panel : The CNC program allows setting for each single cut the first cutting angle, the length of the piece and the second cutting angle. The control panel is capable of holding 99 programs with 100 cutting steps in each program. Offers checks of all machine functions, auto diagnostic function.

Heavy duty fabricated steel base : with locking door, housing the coolant tank & coolant pump in the base, plus a hydraulic unit for the bandsaw bow movements, shuttle carriage, vice and bundle cutting unit cylinder(s).

Electrical cabinet : with 24V AC main switch, safety unit and electric drives.
Total protection against highest voltage and short circuit current. IP55 Protection level.

Optional Equipment

Full details in the optional page of the brochure pdf download

  • Hydraulic top clamp for bundle cutting [ ref MV-PO ]
  • Nebulizer mist spray cutting coolant 1 or 2 spray nozzles[ ref NB1/2 Box ]
  • Vizualization of head down feed [ ref VDA ]
  • Roller tables, 1000kg load x 2000mm [ ref RFP2A ]
  • Vice pressure regulation [ ref RPM2 ]


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