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Manual Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Straight & swivel bow mitre cutting
Manufactured in Italy by FMB–‘Italian Excellence’

Standard specification:
Cutting of solid rounds,squares,box, structural sections

Metal cutting bandsaw – swivel mitre bow, gravity down feed [G]. Electronic variable blade speeds [VHZ] 16/120 m/min, fast action rack vice, flood coolant, mounted on a steel cabinet.

Cutting Capacities @ 0°::
Rounds 330 mm
Squares 330 mm
Rectangles 330 x 510 mm

Mitre Cutting: 45° & 60° to the right.

To download the FMB PEGASUS + G+ VHZ product brochure, click on the pdf icon below, or use our contact page to request the FMB brochure.

  • Many optional extras

Roller table machine connections available:

  • Loading side connection+roller
  • Unloading side connection
  • Unloading side pull-out roller surface

Product Specification

  • Cutting capacity @ 0°
    Rounds 330mm – Squares 330mm

    Rectangles 330mm x 510mm
  • Band saw bow head angle rotation, upto 60° to the right
    positive stops at pre set positive stop(s) @ 0° then 45° & 60°
    to the right, with graduated scale & rugged locking lever
  • Gravity bow down feed, with down feed adjustment valve
  • Manually adjusted fast sliding rack vice, with fast material clamping handle
  • Electronic speed control VHZ, infinitely variable – 16m to 120 metres /min
  • Bow head hand grip for re positioning bow
  • Simple cut length stop 0 to 600mm
  • Bow head structure in 3 parts cast aluminum alloy, steel, cast iron
  • Dynamometric blade tensioning
  • Blade guide with combined action of side bearings carbide wear plates and top bearing
  • Coolant flow to both blade guides
  • Blade cleaning brush integrated in the head protection cover
  • Direct drive reduction gear box, lubricated with long lasting grease
  • Ergonomic working table and control panel
  • M42 Band saw Blade 4120mm x 34mm x 1.1mm

Heavy duty fabricated steel base : 30 litre tank & coolant pump in the base.

Electrical cabinet : with 24VAC, main switch, safety unit and electric drives.
Total protection against highest voltage and short circuit current. IP55 Protection level

Line voltage : 400V/50Hz/3Ph standard

Machine colours : Yellow RAL 1018 and Grey RAL 7037

Optional Equipment

Full details in the optional page of the brochure pdf download

  • ‘A’ frame in feed single roller – [C2]
  • Cutting Angle display – [VAT ]
  • Nebulizer mist spray cutting coolant 1 or 2 spray nozzles – [NB1 or NB2 ]
  • Laser cutting line – [LX ]
  • Roller tables, 300kg load x 1000mm – [RPM1 & RPM2G]
  • Material cut measure system – A length stop with measure strip and sight glass, 1000mm to 6000mm [FM1RS to FM6RS]


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