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About Us

About Us

Metal Working Machinery

The aims of JPS Machinery Ltd is to supply correctly specified metal working machinery with good ongoing technical support, reliable warranty cover, annual service options.


  • Up to date technical advice from our experienced time served engineers


  • Provide adequate operator ‘machine function’ training, with ongoing telephone assistance


  • Our team of engineers are available to unload, install, commission, give ‘machine function’ training of any metal working machinery supplied new or used

Subject to the agreed terms of sale

  • Offer reliable warranties that are fully supported by both JPS Machinery Ltd and the manufacture


  • Ensure ongoing service or technical support is ‘available’, either by telephone or a service team call out


  • All purchased machinery new or used fully supported by our service team, possibly the largest independent service team in the UK. 

During 2018 JPS Machinery Ltd has:

1.Strengthened the service team.

We have increased our service team numbers to 7 to ensure we can focus on our customer’s main prioritywhich is a strong requirement for good ‘available’ ongoing technical support, reliable warranties, that ensures complete satisfaction with all equipment supplied.



2.Increased our focus on the sale of new equipment.

We have continued to develop close working relationships with selected metal working manufacturers
from around Europe, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Spain, also further a field Turkey, China, ensuring our company can offer a wide range of technically up to date metal working technologies.


Significantly we have introduced to our product range Fiber Laser Cutting Machine plus Plasma Cutting Machines



Objectives / Vision

JPS Machinery Ltd objective is to make our customers metal working machinery / equipment purchase experience a satisfactory one, that promotes ongoing business relationships


We place emphasis on:

  • Up to date technical information to assist potential customers to make an informed purchasing decision


  • Installation, commissioning, ‘machine function training’ by directly employed JPS Machinery Ltd experienced service team engineers, occasionally supported by the metalworking machinery manufacturers technicians


  • Parts & labour costs are inclusive in JPS Machinery Ltd warranties


  • UK Telephone assistance for any machine function problem, often we can solve the problem over the phone, no need to wait for a service engineers visit


  • UK based service team to back up the manufacturer’s warranty (view meet the team) 


  • All purchased machinery new or used fully supported by our service team,
    possibly the largest independent service team in the UK.