Press Brake Hydraulic & Electric

Press Brake

RICO Model PRCN : Hydraulic Synchronized Press Brake

RICO Model PRCN : Hydraulic Synchronized Press Brake

2 Year WarrantyStandard machine 4 fast automatic axis being:[Y1+Y2+X+R ].

Additional fast automatic axis available,being:
[ X1+X2+R1+R2+Z1+Z2 ], unique X5 axis option

CNC Control with a choice of Delem, Cybelec, digital or 2D/3D graphical

Hydraulic PressBrake / Model PRCB 2

Hydraulic PressBrake – Torsion Bar Hydraulic Pressbrake manufactured in Italy, offering a Torsion Bar machine with excellent European build quality, good quality specification equipment 2 Automatic axis [ Y + X ] The Italian build quality, the use of internationally sourced premium ...

Hydraulic Press Brake / Model PRCB

Hydraulic Press Brake – Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake Manufactured in Portugal by RICO offering excellent European build quality with high end specification equipment 3 Automatic axis [ YI +Y2 + X ] The build quality and equipment specification of a RICO PRCB Hydraulic ...

Electric Press Brake

Electric press brake Machine launch April 2017 – Full Specification available Electric Operation – Press Brake Press Brake Model: ???? An Electrical Synchronized Press Brake manufactured in Portugal by RICO, offering excellent European build quality, automatic ‘fast’ ...

Press Brake

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