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Sheet Metal Rolls

Corner Notcher

Corner Notcher



Fixed Angle 90º – 2 model sizes available

Corner Notch Capacity | Carbon or Stainless Steel


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Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Metal Cutting Bandsaw

ORION metal cutting bandsaw
Manufactured in Italy by FMB  ‘Italian Excellence’

Cutting Capacities @ 0°:
Rounds 240 mm
Squares 240 mm
Rectangles 200 310 mm

To download the FMB ORION product brochure, click on the pdf icon below, or use our contact page to request the FMB brochure.

More Info FMB Orion Horizontal BandsawFMB Orion Horizontal Bandsaw
CNC Plasma Table

CNC Plasma Table

Standard specification


Cross Carriage [X] Axis | Cutting Head | Cutting Table & Rails [Y] Axis
Fume Extraction Cutting Table | Ducting | AEROm Extraction Cabinet
Electrical Cabinet | Radan CAD/CAM Software | Radan Radnest
| Thermal Dynamics Plasma Generator

MOTOFIL Gantry Type | Plasma Cutting Table | available capacities

Cutter Table Width | up to 10000 mm |
Cutter Table Length | up to 30000 mm |
Thermal Dynamics Plasma Generator | 100 – 200 – 300 – 400 amp

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Sheet Metal Notcher

Sheet Metal Notcher

Manufactured in China | Marketed in the UK as TECHNA-FAB


Variable angle 30º -140º Sheet Metal Notcher

2 model sizes available

Capacity | Carbon or Stainless Steel


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