Red Laser Cutting Line

Red Laser Cutting Line

Red Laser Cutting Lines – Metal Cutting Guillotines or Metal Cutting Saws Red Laser Cutting Lines :  this contact form For metalworking material alignement

Red Laser Cutting Lines – Create a Clear Cutting Line to Align Material upto

opzioni binarie termini condizioni broker Typical Metalworking applications are :

  • Cutting line – for a metal cutting guillotine.
    [removes problem of material snagging on a wire shadow line]
  • Bending line – for a Press Brake.
    [When working with marked out developments ]
  • Plate Rolls – squaring of plate prior to rolling.
  • Cutting line – For any sawing application. 

opções binárias jogo When choosing a Laser Cutting Line, please note, there can be line fade at each end of the projected Laser Line, so we recommend that the projected Laser Cutting Line is approx 1.0 metre longer than the required cutting line projected length.

click here Capacities : 

  •  5mW – Projected line length 1.5 metres to 2.0 Metres
  • 10mW – Projected line length 3.0 metres
  • 15mW – Projected line length 4.0 metres
  • 20mW – Projected line length 5.0 metres to 8.0 Metres 
Red Laser Cutting Lines for new or used metalworking machinery, easily fitted using custom made aluminium brackets, supplied and fitted throughout the UK by JPS Machinery Ltd

this website The Laser Line unit is mounted into an aluminium housing, the Sharp Red Laser Cutting Line is then easy to direct to the required cutting location.

Red Laser Cutting Line, Easily Positioned to Give Perfect Cutting Alignment Metal Cutting Guillotines or Metal Cutting Saws

this content Red Line Laser Lines :  Forex signals download For metalworking material alignement The Laser line unit is positioned at an angle in the top left / right hand corner of the machine, The Laser line unit is inclined at approx 20° to 60º depending upon length of the projected Laser line required.  Adjustements are simply made, by  adjusting the angle of inclination of the Laser line unit.

Different Model Red Laser Cutting Lines Are Available for Large or Small Cutting Applications

useful reference Red Line Laser Lines :  news For metalworking material alignement

Tastylia Oral Strip The Laser line unit is positioned at 90° to the work surface, normally 2.00 metres from the work surface, depending upon length of the projected Laser line required. 

JPS Machinery Ltd are Sole UK Agents for Red Laser Cutting Lines, Supplied and Installed By Our Team Of Metal Cutting Engineers

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