Metal Cutting Guillotine – Variable Rake

Metal Cutting Guillotine – Variable Rake

This metal cutting guillotine variable rake offers metalworkers a machine of European build quality, safety, reliability, with many equipment features / options.

The RICO HGR hydraulic guillotine, is a heavy mono block welded construction, manufactured from certified steel 275 grade, with a ‘vertical cutting’ action, the top guillotine blade beam is supported at its rear with a series of roller bearings, these roller bearings control beam cutting deflection during the guillotine action, giving a good straight cut edge,  not a bowed cut edge.

The top blade steel shear beam is mounted on spherical bearings, with a hydraulic cylinder at each end to adjust
the rake angle. The RICO metal cutting guillotine variable rake, offers choice of a variable rake angles of between to ,
a flatter rake angle reduces the curl of the cut work piece.

‘UK manufactured’ quality cutting guillotine blades, 2 cutting edges on top blade, 4 cutting edges on bottom blade

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RICO Model HGR Metal Cutting Guillotine Variable Rake Capacities: 

  • Cutting length(s) : 2050 mm to 6100 mm
  • Cutting thickness(s) : mm to 25 mm (45 Kgs/mm2) tensile
  • Variable top beam rake angle to dependant upon model
  • Variable cutting length
  • Rapid blade gap adjustment
  • BGS motorized ball screw back gauge, stroke 1000 mm – speed 70 mm/ sec
  • ELGO P40 touch & go control – [mounted into the machine pendant control panel]
  • Back gauge auto retraction, prior to cut, eliminates material being trapped as its cut
  • Illuminated shadow cutting line wire
  • Lift up front finger guard, with clear poly-carbon panels, mechanical interlock
  • 1500 mm LH or RH squaring arm [T’ slotted with measuring strip, flip up back stop, measuring scale]
  • Front material support arms (2, 3 or 4[ number depends upon cutting length of machine]
  • Front material transfer table fitted with roller balls for easy plate movement
  • Material hold down cylinders with Teflon pads
  • Auto cut option [ continuous stroke ]
  • Swing up out of way back gauge [for sheet cutting greater than the 1000 mm back gauge stroke]
  • Wandering foot pedal
  • Rear entry side panels fitted with electronic optical barrier operator guarding
  • BGA motorized ball screw back gauge,  stroke 1000 mm – speed 250mm/ sec
  • Choice of alternative controllers – Touch screen – Programmable
    i.e. ELGO P40 T – CYBELEC CybTouch 6G – DELEM DAC 360
  • Lift up front finger guard, fitted with operator safety Fiessler beam guarding
  • Rear pneumatic sheet support system(s) – choices of : MAC1MAC2MACX
  • Rear pneumatic sheet support system combined with a cut sheet extraction conveyor
  • Front of machine small cut piece extraction bin
  • Extended length squaring arm(s) 1500 / 2000 / 3000 mm
  • Material support arms – choice of measure strips, flip up back stops, roller balls

Metal Cutting Guillotine Variable Rake

Delivered to your work gates, off loaded, installed, commissioned,
‘machine function training’, all by JPS Machinery Ltd engineers
Covered by JPS Machinery Ltd public liability and machinery
movement insurance. 

JPS Machinery Ltd engineering team support
the manufacturers Metal Cutting Guillotine Variable Rake warranty

Annual maintenance service contracts are available
JPS Machinery Ltd – ‘Your Machinery Source’