Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

binaire opties Model: RICO PRCN | CNC | Hydraulic | Synchro | Multi Axis Options


RICO PRCN Hydraulic Press Brake
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  • Standard Specification
  • Optional Equipment

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  • Delem DA-66T CNC ‘touch screen’ 2D/3D
    control of up to 8 automatic axis
    Offline software – Delem Profile-TL
  • 4 Automatic fast axis: Y1+Y2+X+R
  • 2 Manual operated axis : Z1+Z2
  • BGA Back gauge: equipped with ball screws and brushless motor
  • SFS Material loading front supports
  • SWAYBEND Ball joints, allows conical bending
  • Operator frontal protection, FIESSLER Laser AKAS II-F (CE Category IV)
  • Rear machine entry protection: Light guard barriers (CE Category IV)
  • Internal gear pump, quiet pump, pump immersed in the hydraulic
    tank, further reduces any pump noise
  • CNC control consul, a moveable floor mounted unit
  • Self-centering lower table, with a machined ‘V’ tooling location
    of 60,90,120 mm
  • intermediary Euro Style clamps with wedge system
  • Italian manufactured tooling, top punch gooseneck tool – Ref 12.600
  • Italian manufactured tooling, bottom 4 way die, – 16-22-35-50 ‘V’s,
    Ref 20.670
  • Front and rear machine illumination
  • Operators instruction manual
  • RICO Standby function – automatically turns off power after 5 minutes non activity
  • CE Certificate
  • Manufacturers standard warranty: 24 months parts & labour,
    supported by the JPS Machinery Ltd service team

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get link Alternative CNC control in lieu of standard Delem DA66T

  • Delem DA-69T ‘Touch Screen’ control of up to 8 axis
    [ Y1+Y2+X+R+Z1+Z2+X5 ],crowning control
    Graphic 2D/3D – Profile T3D Offline softwar
  • Cybelec ModEve 15 control of up to 8 axis
    [ Y1+Y2+X+R+Z1+Z2+X5 ] crowning control
    15″ ‘Touch Screen’, Graphic 2D – 
    PC1200 Offline software included
  • Cybelec ModEve RA Premium control of up to 8 axis
    [ Y1+Y2+X+R+Z1+Z2+X5 ] crowning control,’Touch Screen’
    Graphic 2D/3D – 
    PC1200 Offline software included
  • Material Thickness Control
  • RS S- Boost Increased return speed of the [Y] axis
    Alternative Safety Laser – in lieu of AKAS LC-II F
  • Safety Laser FIESSLER AKAS 3P safety Laser[with FPSC PLC ]
    o Mute Position set less than 1.00 mm above material Pinch Point
    o Gives a 1.5 to 2.00 second time saving per bend
    o Suitable for smaller Press Brakes that are manufacturing
    volume small components, speed being important
  • Safety Laser – Fiessler AKAS LC 11
  • Safety Laser – Fiessler AKAS 3M 
  • Distance between side frames increased
  • Increased throat depth
  • Increased daylight
  • BGR 500 Back Gauge – Automatic [Z1+Z2] axis 
    Speed: 2000 mm/s – Accuracy: 0.10 mm
  • BGR 500 Back Gauge – Automatic [X5] axis 
    Speed: 300 mm/s – Accuracy: 0.05 mm
  • BGR Back Gauge with 6 Automatic axis,[X1+X2-R1+R2-Z1+Z2]
  • BGR 500 Back Gauge – Extra Finger – Type CN-IN-AT
    ‘Manual & Automatic’ adjusted finger height
  • LED Techbar – Assists’ the operator with the complex bend order
  • SFH Heavy duty front sliding material support
  • Heavy duty 2000kg support – Ball transfer units
  • SFA Frontal sliding material supports, on sliding guides
  • SPA Pneumatic material supports operating at rear of tooling
  • Manual adjusted crowning – CNC automatic crowning
  • ACF1 Sheet follower system – 160Kg / 360Kg max load per support
  • Quick tool clamping systems manufactured by ‘Arges System’
  • Tools rack – 4 or 8 Shelves – Fixed or free standing