Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

JPS Machinery Ltd are newly appointed 2017 as the sole UK & Eire agents for the Motofil Group range of Fibre Laser Cutting Machine.

The Motofil Group build a Fibre Laser Cutting Machine that incorporates all the latest technologies that you would expect to find in a high specification Fibre Laser Cutting System.

Motofil Group Fibre Laser Cutting Machine model range MFL: 

Resonators: 2Kw upto 6Kw
Gantry & Table Size: 1500 x 3000mm up to 2000 x 6000mm

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The Motofil Group

Factory & Offices PORTO Portugal


Motofil Group since 1981
One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of metal working technologies :

Automotive Robotic Manufacturing Cells
Fibre Laser Cutting Machines
Plasma Gantry Cutting Machines
Bespoke Manufacturing Cells for Fabrication

We invite you to look at the Motofil Group website:


Portuguese manufactured Fibre Laser Cutting Machine
Delivered, off loaded, assembled in position, commissioned
‘machine function’ training ‘CNC’ software training 

Full UK based technical support + Telephone assistance from both JPS Machinery Ltd technicians, plus the Fibre Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer, Motofil Group

JPS Machinery Ltd – UK, Eire, Sole Agents