Plasma Cutters

MOTOFIL are a leading manufacturer of plasma cutters

Manufacturing in Porto Portugal MOTOFIL produces a range of advanced cutting solutions for customers covering a wide range of industries throughout the world

High Precision Plasma cutter systems are capable of delivering results that approach the quality of Laser, but at a lower cost and are easier to maintain

Plasma Cutting Table

Plasma Cutting Table

Model: FELINE Cutter Table | CNC Plasma | Advanced Cutting Solutions | High Precison |

Plasma Cutting Table

Plasma Cutting Table | Manufactured in Portugal by MOTOFIL Group

| CNC Plasma | Easy set up | Flexible Cutting Solution |

FELINE Plasmatable – Standard specification
| Cross Carriage | Plasma Cutting Head | Cutting Table | Fume Extraction | Ducting | Extraction AEROm Cabinet | Radan CAD / CAM Software |Radan Radnest | Electrical Cabinet | Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter Equipment | 

Available capacities:

Cutting dimensions | 1500 x 3000 mm | 2000 x 4000 mm |
Thermal Dynamics Plasma Generator | 100 – 200 amps

CNC Plasma Table

CNC Plasma Table

Model: DRAGOm Plasma Cutter | Gantry | Advanced Plasma Cutting Techniques | High Precision

CNC Plasma Table

Gantry Type | Heavy Duty | Manufactured in Portugal by MOTOFIL Group

DRAGOm CNC Plasma Cutter Table – Standard specification
| Cross Carriage [X] Axis | Cutting Head | Cutting Table & Rails [Y] Axis |

| Fume Extraction Cutting Table | Ducting | AEROm Extraction Cabinet |
| Electrical Cabinet | Radan CAD/CAM Software | Radan Radnest |
| Thermal Dynamics Plasma Generator |

MOTOFIL Gantry Type | Plasma Cutting Table | available capacities

Cutter Table Width | up to 10000 mm |
Cutter Table Length | up to 30000 mm |

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Generator | 100 – 200 – 300 – 400 amp |

Additional Options
Up to 2 plasma torches
Soft plasma plate marking
Up to 4 Oxy fuel torches
Drilling head

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Model: Ultra-Cut XT - High Precision Plasma | Auto-Cut XT - Conventional Plasma | A Series - Conventional Plasma

Plasma Cutting

Thermal Dynamics are the MOTOFIL Groups preferred supplier of Plasma Cutting Generators |

Plasma, is a gas heated to an extremely high temperature, ‘ionized’ so that it becomes electrically conductive – Plasma arc cutting uses the Plasma as an electrode to transfer the electrical arc to the workpiece

Conventional Plasma Cutting

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter – Auto-Cut XL & A Series

Conventional plasma is a good quality cutting process, suitable for general purpose cutting, some top edge rounding, cut edge angle up to 6°, wider ‘Kerf’ than High Precision, high speeds, constant cut quality, excellent torch parts life

Auto-Cut XT | 200 | 300 amp
A Series | A40 | A60 | A80 | A120 amp

High Precision Plasma Cutting Often described as High Definition

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter – Ultra-Cut XL

High Precision plasma defined as a narrow ‘kerf’ width, no top edge rounding, smooth cut surface, cut edge angle 3° or below, negligible dross

Ultra-Cut XT | 100 | 200 | 300 | 400 amp

Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine

Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine

Model: DRAGOm | Gantry | Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine | Radan CAD/CAM software |

Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine

Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine | Gantry Type | Heavy Duty |
Manufactured in Portugal by MOTOFIL group

DRAGOm Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine – Standard specification
| Cross Carriage [X] Axis | up to 6 Cutting Heads | Cutting Table & Rails [Y] Axis |
 Fume Extraction Cutting Table | Ducting | AEROm Dust Cabinet | Electrical Cabinet | Radan CAD/CAM Software | Radan Radnest |

MOTOFIL Gantry Type | Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine | available capacities

Cutting Table Width | up to 10000 mm 
Cutting Table Length | up to 30000 mm 

Additional Options
Drilling Head

Plasma Cutters

Plasma Cutters Machinery delivered to your work gates, 'customer provides off load facilities', off loaded, positioned, commissioned, ‘machine function’ & software training.

Warranty, ongoing technical support, additional training as required, all by JPS Machinery Ltd service team

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