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Horizontal Bandsaws

Manual bandsaws:
Swivel bow for mitre cutting

Manual Range models Titan thru to Orion the bandsaw bow cutting down feed is manual,
i.e. operator controlled manual pull down
via hand grip with integral on /off switch. The larger Manual Range models, Titan + G thru to PEGASUS + G, have the gravity bow down feed as standard, giving the operator a choice of operation. Material vice setting is manual, actual material clamping is with a fast action clamping on / off lever

Semi automatic bandsaws:

Swivel bow for mitre cutting

3 Bandsaw blade widths 27/34/41 mm.
The bandsaw bow down feed is controlled with a hydraulic flow valve, 
the bow raises automatically at end of cut. Material vice setting is manual, with hydraulic or pneumatic options for material clamping.

Automatic bandsaws:
Straight cutting only

Fully automatic, the bandsaw bow material down feed is  hydraulic

Horizontal bandsaws technical information is detailed in the pages of our site, pdf downloads are available for all individual models and optional equipment

Horizontal bandsaws

From the Italian manufacturer FMB Srl

The Italian manufacturer FMB Srl based in Dalmine, Brescia Italy established in 1982. Currently manufacturing circa 3000 steel cutting horizontal bandsaws each year.

35 Horizontal bandsaws models in production, commencing with a manual pull down swivel mitre bow bandsaws, progressing thru to semi automatic swivel bow mitre band saws, onto a range of fully automatic band saws, structural or solid material bandsaws with CNC options.

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Horizontal Bandsaws

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